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Longaniza de Pascua Extra saussage

330 g.
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Longaniza de Pascua Extra Saussage, a very typical Spanish cold meat

Longaniza de Pascua Extra Sausage is a kind of cold meat with is very typical of Spain, but, especially at Cominidad Valenciana, as it is very common to eat it in Easter (Pascua), hence its name.

Extra longaniza de Pascua is perfect for many occasions, even though we don’t believe it. It can be presented as an appetizer, as a tapeo, as accompaniment for a beer or even as a mid-morning snack. The longaniza de Pascua Extra Sausage is perfect and delicious.

Chorizo and longaniza are the perfect combination of cold meats. Both are typical of Iberian Peninsula and no matter where you are you will find high quality chorizos and longanizas, unless you are not in Spain. That’s why Gastronomic Spain puts at your service a great catalogue of longanizas and chorizos, as well as other kind of cold meats or any typical Spanish product you could wish and you can’t get. Thanks to the online shop of Gastronomic Spain you have one less problem.

Longaniza is composed by lean and pig shoulder, starch, sugar, salt, lactose, natural species and milk proteins. Moreover, longaniza de Pascua is wrapped in edible natural lamb intestine. It is a kind of cured cold meat ready to consume. But it should be noticed that, in order to appreciante its flavour, it should be opened 15-20 minutes before its consumption.

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Extra longaniza de Pascua Casa Troribio

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330 g.
magro y paleta de cerdo, almidón, azúcar, sal, lactosa, especias naturales, estabilizantes E450, E452, antioxidantes E316, conservador E252, colorante natural E120 y proteína de leche.
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vacuum packed
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330 gr

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