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Longaniza de Pascua Extra saussage

330 g.
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Longaniza de pascua extra sausage, an incredible and traditional sausage

The ‘longaniza de pascua extra’ (it can be translated into easter sausage, but it is not very common) is one of those sausages that really get you hooked. If we look back to the charcuterie shops, it was common for the shop assistants to give a piece of this sausage to the children, in order to liven up the wait until their parents were sent off. Therefore ‘longaniza de pascua’ is loved by everyone who tries it.

The ‘longaniza’ is a unique cured sausage, impossible to find outside Spain. It is the kind of sausage that is good to have at home, as it is a quick snack to eat with friends or as a last-minute snack.

Longaniza de pascua extra salami characteristics

The ‘longaniza de pascua extra’ salami we offer you is a sausage made in the traditional way with natural ingredients. It has a characteristic shape, about 25 cm long and 1 cm diameter. As it is made with natural casing, it can be eaten perfectly, however, as it is an artisan product, it peels off very easily.

It has a non-uniform brown to grey colour, a soft texture and a delicate and pleasant taste. It is a sausage that is cured for a short time, it should not be cooked before being eaten and it is perfect for any time of the day, lunches, snacks, dinners, with a little bread and oil is an incredible pairing.

Our ‘pascua sausage’ is a vacuum-packed in a format of 350gr. It has a duration of 3 up to 5 months. Consume 15 to 30 minutes after removing the packaging. Once opened, it is important to store in the refrigerator.

Longaniza de pascua extra sausage ingredients

The ‘longaniza’ is composed of lean pork and pork shoulder, starch, sugar, salt, lactose, natural spices and milk protein. One of the natural spices used by Embutidos Toribio in its production is aniseed, known in the Valencian Community as ‘llavoreta’.

As a curiosity, it is important to note that this ‘longaniza de pascua’ is wrapped in natural lamb casing, which gives it its characteristic shape. It is a type of cured sausage ready to eat because it is not necessary to cook it before you eat it.

‘Longaniza de pascua’ does not contain gluten, so it is suitable for coeliacs. But it contains lactose. Our ‘longaniza de Pascua extra’ is a compromised product as it does not contain as much salt or fat as most sausages, which is really good for your health.

Artisan Longaniza de Pascua:

Originally, this was a seasonal sausage, very popular in the Valencian Community and Aragon. As its name suggests, it was usually eaten at Easter. Its delicious flavour and the interest it aroused has meant that it is marketed all year round throughout Spain.

The ‘longaniza de Pascua extra’ is ideal for many occasions. It can be served as an aperitif, as tapas, as a pairing to a beer or even as a midday snack. ‘Longaniza de pascua’ is perfect as well as delicious.

Embutidos Toribio, an artisan company from the province of Valencia, is responsible for making this delicious sausage. When you eat it, you can appreciate the characteristic touch of ‘village’ products that have been made with care and with the original recipe.

330gr. net weight

vacuum packed

longaniza de pascua extra Casa Toribio

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330 g.
magro y paleta de cerdo, almidón, azúcar, sal, lactosa, especias naturales, estabilizantes E450, E452, antioxidantes E316, conservador E252, colorante natural E120 y proteína de leche.
Contains lactose
vacuum packed
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net weight
330 gr

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