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The Regañás Cracker are small, thin flatbreads, typical in Sevilla. They have an exquisit taste. Serve them to go with different dishes and apetizers.

200 gr
vacuum packed
The Regañás Cracker are some kind of thin, crunchy flatbreads. They are typicall in Sevilla and originaly from Alcalá de Guadaír. Their great taste made them popupal all over Andalusia.

Our Regañás Cracker are traditionally made. Their texture is simillar to long bread sticks. The sesame seeds give them a fine and characteristic taste.

Enjoy the great taste of our Regañás Cracker and serve them to go with other dishes and apetizers.

200 gr
vacuum packed
  • Ingredients: Sémola de maíz, grasa de palma, aroma de queso [suero de leche en polvo, maltodextrina, sustancias aromatizantes y potenciador del sabor (E-621)], sal, colorante (extracto de pimentón) y emulgente (E-471).

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