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Crispy Fried Tocino

90 gr.
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Crispy Fried Tocino, a very Spanish snack

Crispy fried tocino is a snack very popular in Spain. Tocino comes from pork, specifically from the subcutaneous part of the pig's skin. This popular snack is fried, crispy and has an authentic Iberian flavor.

Buy crispy fried tocino packaged in a 90 gr. jar and delight your friends with a Spanish snack from head to toe. Shipping to all Europe.

Crispy Fried Tocino: what it is and characteristics 

The tocino is a part of the pig, specifically from the subcutaneous part of the pig’s skin or the outside of the ribs to the skin. This product can be consumed in different ways, in this case it is elaborated fried and crispy

The Crispy Fried tocino is a very popular product in Spain, mostly it is considered a traditional snack with all the Iberian taste that it characterizes. 

Our crispy fried tocino is from La Albufera, a Valencian brand of high-quality trail mixes and packed in a plastic jar of 90gr. 

Crispy fried tocino ingredients 

Crispy fried tocino, vegetable sunflower oil, vegetable protein hydrolyzate, sugars and salt. 

May contain traces of soy. 

How to prepare crispy fried tocino? 

Although our crispy fried tocino is prepared, ready to be consumed and to eat the perfect snack, we are going to explain the elaboration process of this Spanish appetizer:

  1. Firstly, it is important to wash every piece of pork meat: it is rubbed in every part and lately it must be rinsed with warm water. 
  2. Once it is dried, cut pieces with a size of 5 and 8 centimetres. Next, with a thick-bottomed casserole place the water, salt, and the pieces of meat. Boil over high heat for 15 minutes. 
  3. Once the 15 minutes are up, lower the heat and let it boil over an hour approximately. This way, the water will evaporate, and the pork will brown. The tocino must fry in its own fat. 
  4. While they are frying, we can add some cold water to provoke thermal shock and they will be crunchier. 
  5. Finally, we remove the pieces and let the excess oil and fat drain. 

Buy crispy fried tocino online and with shipping all over Europe 

This traditional Spanish snack of crispy fried tocino is almost impossible to find it outside Spain. It is a very specific product in our land and less common outside. 

Thanks to the Gastronomic Spain’s online store you can buy crispy fried tocino, as many other typical products of the Spanish gastronomy

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90 gr. Net weight 

Packaging: plastic jar

La Albufera

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90 gr.
Crispy Fried Tocino, vegetable sunflower oil, vegetable protein hydrolyzate, sugars and salt.
May contain traces of soy.
plastic jar
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Crispy Fried Tocino