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Llonganissa Salami from Vic

300 gr
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Our Llonganissa Salami from Vic is one of the most typical charcuterie products of Cataluña. It is traditionally manufactured and maintains the great taste that made this salami famous.

The salami presents a intense and brilliant red colour and by cutting it you can see perfectly the small, white dots of fat and the black pepper grains. Our Llonganissa Salami is a natural product made with natural casing. The casing gains its remarkable flora during the drying process.

You are going to love our Llonganissa Salami from Vic for its juiciness and its great taste. The salami is perfect as a snack and it is ideal for sandwiches.

whole piece
300 gr
vacuum packed
Pages L´avi Serra

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Data sheet

300 gr
pork loin, salt, sugar, black pepper, potassium nitrate (E-252)
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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Llonganissa Salami from Vic