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Polvorones and mantecados are Christmas sweets that cannot be missed on these special dates. They are the kings of the Christmas tables. Those that are never lacking and those that we always end up eating even if we don't want to.

Both form a perfect tandem during Christmas, and although nougats are the heavyweights, polvorones and mantecados also have their charm.

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It should be noted that polvorones and mantecados are sweets that are normally produced in Estepa, among many other municipalities, although the latter is the one that stands out. Estepa is one of the cradles of these Christmas sweets, which since July 2014 has had the Protected Geographical Indication (I.G.P) of Estepa, an indication that guarantees and regulates the quality of polvorones and mantecados.


Polvorones are homemade and traditional toasts of Spanish Christmas pastries. Polvorones have an oval shape and are made from flour, a little lard from cow or pork, almonds and icing sugar as a garnish.

Almond polvorones are very typical of Christmas meals. In fact, they are only eaten during these dates. At present, it is classified as a Christmas sweet from Spain, although they have spread throughout the world. Andalusia, Castilla y León, and Navarra are the provinces in which these Christmas sweets are made.


Mantecados are kneaded buns made with flour, lard, sugar, and sometimes cinnamon and almonds. It is a typical sweet of Spanish pastries and there are many types of mantecados, such as coconut mantecados or chocolate mantecados, depending on the flavor that is added. The classic, artisanal and traditional homemade mantecado from the village is the almond mantecado.

Mantecados is a sweet that is consumed throughout the year in Toledo. In this province, ice cream goes beyond being a product related to Christmas. In fact, mantecados are very common in after-meal desserts and are even used in some breakfasts.


Both polvorones and mantecados are very similar, in fact many people confuse both typical Christmas sweets. But they are not exactly the same. Here we will show you some small differences:

They don't have the same ingredients

In the mantecado, if it has wheat flour and almonds, they are not toasted, while in the polvorón they are. In addition, the mantecado has granule sugar and powdered polvorón, hence its name.

The shapes are different

Although they look very similar, the polvorón is somewhat larger and oval. The mantecado is round and has sesame seeds as an ornament (sometimes).

Mantecados can be of different flavors

The mantecados can have different flavors: lemon ice cream, chocolate ice cream, coconut ice cream, etc. Flavors for all tastes. Polvorón does not vary, it always has the aftertaste of almond and lemon.

Polvorón is only eaten at Christmas

Polvorón is a sweet that is only eaten on the designated dates of Christmas. The mantecado can be eaten throughout the year, both as dessert and breakfast.


In the Gastronomic Spain online store we have a wide variety of Christmas sweets so that you can enjoy Spanish traditions wherever you are. In particular, polvorones and mantecados are two of the typical Christmas products most in demand, and therefore most popular in our country.

Turrones 1880, La Vicaría and Doña Jimena are three of the brands on offer. Quality identities, personality and tradition are the characteristics that our brands adopt. Here we show you a small explanation of each of them:


Turrón 1880 is one of the quintessential brands of typical Christmas sweets. Both polvorones and mantecados from 1880 are of supreme quality, they are the Christmas desserts that are never lacking on Christmas tables.

The polvorones and mantecados from 1880 are made by hand, made with flour, almonds and sugar.


La Vicaría is another of the most spectacular polvorones and mantecados manufacturers in our country. These artisans of polvorones and mantecados reside in Estepa and are adapted to current times, not losing sight of their origins or traditional elaborations.

Polvorones and mantecados La Vicaría are synonymous with quality and exquisiteness, since its products reflect the experience, effort and dedication of its artisans with the I.G.P. correspondent.


The polvorones and mantecados that Doña Jimena offers us are quite a spectacle. Company dedicated to the production of Christmas sweets since the 60s.

Doña Jimena makes her sweets with the traditional formula in which the presence of almonds prevails. Thanks to this batch of 10 units / box of polvorones you will enjoy a classic Christmas sweet with your friends and family.