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Bomba Rice Dacsa

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Our Bomba Rice is perfect for making paellas. The rice is cultivated with artisan techniques guaranteeing the best quality.

It is a rice for special paella from Valencia and with its own Denomination of Origin. It is grown entirely in the Albufera de Valencia. In this way, its provenance and perfect quality are guaranteed.

Consult the wide variety of rice dishes for paellas, broths and kitchen tools to cook the best paellas and rice dishes from anywhere in Europe.

What is Bomba Paella Rice Dacsa?

Bomba Paella rice Dacsa is a type of rice grown and selected very carefully and under rigorous quality controls. The result is a short, round rice with a pearly appearance, with a certain transparency and an impeccable culinary quality.

Arroz Bomba is part of the 3 varieties that are grown in the Albufera of Valencia, Together with senia rice (round) and albufera rice, they are part of the Denomination of Origin Arroz de Valencia in which all care is guaranteed in each one of the production steps, its origin, as well as its excellent quality.

Bomba Rice Denomination of Origin '' Rice from Valencia ''

Bomba rice is one of the varieties best adapted to the growing area, specifically the La Albufera Natural Park.

The conditions exposed to round rice are those required by the Regulatory Council to guarantee its quality, naturalness and it is a healthy product that meets all the requirements to be part of the Denomination of Origin of Valencia.

Dacsa rice (Arroz Dacsa): main producer of rice with Denomination of Origin

The Arroz Dacsa brand that you can find in Gastronomic Spain is a Valencian company dedicated to the rice sector since 1982. It is a company whose commitment is exclusively to defend and promote the Denomination of Origin Arroz de Valencia.

Arroz Dacsa has become the first rice producer with the seal that certifies the quality, origin and origin of Valencian rice. And thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy it anywhere in Europe.

Characteristics of Bomba rice Dacsa

Bomba rice Dacsa is considered one of the best rice dishes in the world. It is a very special type of rice since it has excellent qualities and, therefore, it is highly appreciated by experts in making paellas.

Among the most outstanding characteristics of Bomba rice is its pearly, transparent and short-sized appearance. Dacsa Bomba rice needs a cooking time of approximately 18 minutes.

In addition, it is a rice that remains loose and whole after cooking. And although it is the most appreciated rice for making paella, it can also be used in dry rice and creamy rice.

Enjoy making your paellas with our Bomba Rice. Its flavor and high quality will convince any palate. Gastronomic Spain will bring you the best types of rice, as well as any other typical Spanish product, to any city in Europe. Consult the entire catalog.

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Arroz Dacsa

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Bomba Rice Dacsa