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Rice DO from Valencia La Fallera

1 kg.
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Rice DO from Valencia La Fallera at incredible price

Rice DO from Valencia la Fallera stands out for its big size and how it absorbs the flavors. Rice DO from Valencia la Fallera is harvested in La Albufera Valenciana and it’s known as the perfect Valencian rice to make paella.

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Rice DO from Valencia La Fallera: the authentic Valencian rice for paellas

If you live outside Spain and you want to make a great Valencian paella, rice DO Valencia La Fallera is, without a doubt, perfect for living an authentic Valencian experience.

Rice DO from Valencia La Fallera is long-grain rice, it has a bigger size than the rest. La Fallera selects the polished grains of bigger size from La Albufera Valenciana harvest.

This type of rice also stands out for how it absorbs flavors. This characteristic makes rice DO from Valencia La Fallera perfect for making paellas.

Cooking time: 15 and 17 minutes approximate.

Rice with Designation of Origin Seal of Valencia

The city of Valencia is known as the gastronomic capital of rice, but mostly of the Valencian paella. 

In 1998 was born the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin Rice of Valencia, they are sector experts that protect the cropland and the rice harvest itself.

This crop supports an ecosystem typical from the marsh, revitalizes the society and provides the bases of the cultural, historical and social values of the people.

How to recognize the rice DO from Valencia

1. All packages and containers of the product are visibly labeled with the logo and numerical registry of the regulatory agency.

2. The brand includes a traditional Valencian barraca.

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DO from Valencia

La Fallera

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1 kg.
Special rice for paellas.
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La Fallera

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