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330 gr
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What are Banderillas?

Banderillas, also known as toreras, is a Spanish appetizer made up of different pickles. It has a vinegar taste and, in this case, our sweet banderilla does not sting, but there are others that do.

The Banderilla is a skewer that fuses a gherkin, pepper, spring onion and olive. It is usually eaten in one bite and the different ingredients are mixed in the mouth. It is perfect with a cold drink and is popularly eaten before lunch. It is important not to drink it with wine, as it contains vinegar, which will spoil the wine.

Banderillas characteristics

Banderillas are a classic of Spanish appetizers and vermouths, a skewer of pickles that is usually eaten before a meal accompanied by other tapas and cold drinks. Our toreras, as they are also known, are made by the company La Fragua. They come in a glass jar format and contain 8 units preserved in a reduced vinegar. In this case, Banderillas are made up of a split gherkin, a pepper, a sweet and sour spring onion and a pitted olive.

Banderillas are a mixture of different flavours and different textures in one bite. The cucumber and pepper add a crunchy touch, the spring onion and olive a softer touch. It is a food to be eaten cold, it does not need to be cooked. Once the jar is opened, it is necessary to keep it in the fridge.

Banderillas ingredients

The ingredients of our Banderillas are: gherkin, onion, pepper, olive, water, vinegar, salt, preservative: E-211 and antioxidant: E-300.
This product contains sulphites.

Gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs.

Buying Banderillas Online

Banderillas are a traditional appetizer that never goes out of fashion. Their rich flavour, their touch of vinegar and the high quality of the ingredients mean that nobody wants to miss them.

Our Banderillas are made with the best ingredients: onion, gherkin, olive and pepper. The vinegar gives them their special and characteristic flavour. Its ingredients and its traditional production make it a product of the best quality.

Enjoy the traditional taste of our Banderillas in your vermouth and aperitifs. With their vinegar touch and their rich flavour they will conquer you.

8 units

330 gr. net weight

Glass jar

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330 gr
onion, pickles, olives, pepper, water, vinegar, salt, antioxidant (E-300), preservative (E-211)
contains sulphites
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