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Chilles in Vinegar D.O. Ibarra

345 gr
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Chilles in Vinegar D.O. Ibarra

Chilles from Ibarra, also known as Piperras or Piparak, are crunchy and spicy green chili peppers in vinegar. These pickles are very popular throughout Spain and originate from the Basque Country.

Our chilles from Ibarra are made with the best raw materials: high quality green chili peppers and wine vinegar. Their color, size and delicious flavor show the great quality of this product. Enjoy your appetizer with our chilles in vinegar or use them to give spicy touch to your stews.

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Chilles in Vinegar from Ibarra qualities:

The Ibarra chili pepper is a very thin and elongated bell pepper, it has a mild flavor, it hardly stings, you can notice the nuances of the vinegar in which it is preserved. It has a light green color and a length of about 10 cm. It is a fine chili pepper; you can eat it in one bite. It has a firm texture, "crunchy when you take the first bite". You notice how it breaks in the mouth.

We offer chilles in vinegar in glass jars certified with the Eusko Label. It has a drained weight of 120 gr. A product which originates from the Basque Country, very popular and appreciated throughout Spain.

Theses chilles are a fresh and enjoyable appetizer, it has a unique texture and is perfect for appetizers or in a Gilda with anchovies. It also combines very well with stew dishes such as beans, before eating, add a little vinegar from the chili peppers and one or two finely chopped chili peppers to taste.

Chilles in Vinegar from Ibarra Ingredients

Ingredients: Wine vinegar, chilli peppers and salt. Antioxidants citric acid, salt, ascorbic acid and sodium metabisulphite.

Gluten-free product, suitable for celiac. Chiles in vinegar have the seal that certifies that this chili is from Ibarra.

Shop online Chilles in Vinegar from Ibarra:

The chilles in vinegar are a unique product, unlike the rest of chili peppers in the market, it is a delicate chili pepper, it hardly stings sand you barely notice the seeds. Although it may seem to be a spicy product, it is not. Abroad it is very difficult to find, since in Europe are more popular the chilis and jalapeños.

345 g. net weight

120 g. drained weight

Glass jar 370 ml.

Eusko Label

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345 gr
Wine vinegar, chilli peppers and salt. Antioxidants citric acid, salt, ascorbic acid and sodium metabisulphite.
Contains metabisulphite.
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345 gr
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Chilles in Vinegar D.O. Ibarra