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Tempura Flour

500 gr.

Buy Tempura Flour Preparation and forget about the egg

The Tempura Flour Preparation of the Natur Dacsa house is the perfect rice flour to prepare your dishes with a crunchier or battered touch without the need to use eggs.

A perfect tempura preparation, without colorings or preservatives and without gluten. Enjoy magnificent dishes.

This product is very versatile and can be used in countless dishes. As for example when cooking black pudding from Burgos, on many occasions, when you fry blood sausage, it tends to break, so we recommend peeling the blood sausage and putting a thin layer of Tempura preparation. In this way it will have a perfect frying and will not break.

How to make tempura:

1. In a bowl, add 50 g. of tempura preparation.

2. Pour 90 mL. of very cold water (below 10º C.). Adjust the amount of water according to the desired viscosity.

3. Mix until homogenized.

4. Dip the pieces in the mixture and drain.

5. Fry in hot oil (180º C) for a minute and a half until lightly browned.

6. Place the pieces on absorbent paper.

* Ingredients for 2 servings (300 g.) Of vegetables, fish or seafood. Tip: for optimal results it is important that the mixture is kept very cold.

500 gr. net weight

without gluten

Natur Dacsa


Data sheet

500 gr.
Rice flour, salt and propellant (raising agent (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate) and cornstarch.)
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
0.5 kg.

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Tempura Flour