Black Pudding and Pine nuts Crème

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There is no modernity without tradition.

Black Pudding and Pine nuts Crème is a delicacy . The crème has a soft taste and it is with no doubt something really special.

Jar 100 gr

Black Pudding and Pine nuts Crème, called Morcilla. This specialty has a soft taste and presents all the characteristic nuances of the traditional Spanish black pudding.

The Black Pudding and Pine nuts Crème is basically black pudding without skin. It is a natural craft product made with the best ingredients and without any colouring or preservatives added.

You can enjoy our Black Pudding Crème cold as well as warm. With just spreading it over a piece of toasted bread it is already delicious. We invite you to get creative and use the Black Pudding Crème in more laborious recipes.

Jar 100 gr

  • Ingredients: onion, rice, pork blood, lard, breadcrumbs, pine nuts (1%), salt, sugars, spices, starch, almond flour, emulsifiers (e-451i and E-452i) and antioxidant (e-325)
  • Allergens: Contains almond flour, pine nuts and gluten

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