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Dry White Beans Extra

500 gr.
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White beans in dry format to make your own cooking

White beans, also known as white beans, white beans, broad beans or beans, are a type of legume of small size, white and dry format. It has an oval and slightly flattened shape. Perfect to add to your stews and cocidos, and give them all the flavor and the ideal consistency.

Our dry white beans are of great quality, from the Coaliment brand and come in a 500 gr format. Buy dried white beans online and enjoy this typical Spanish legume throughout Europe.

What are dry white beans?

The white beans that we have at Gastronomic Spain are in dry format. Also known as white beans, white beans, broad beans or beans, beans are a type of legume of small size, white in color, oval in shape and slightly flattened.

As it is a dry legume, it needs a soaking time to cook it. In this case, the dried white beans need to be in water for about 12 hours. More or less from the day before and changing the soak once or twice.

Cooked white beans are also available.

They are considered one of the best foods since they promote digestion, as well as intestinal transit. But they also provide us with many more benefits:

Dry white beans benefits

Among the properties and benefits of dry white beans we highlight:

  • They are a source of carbohydrates and proteins of vegetable origin.
  • They reduce cholesterol, as well as take care of the health of the kidneys.
  • Helps you lose weight by following a good diet and combats constipation.

White beans, in addition to being beneficial to our health, is a very versatile food in the kitchen since various recipes can be created to suit the chef: from white beans with vegetables to beans with chorizo.

How to cook dried white beans (without breaking them)

Dried white beans, as we have commented previously, need a soaking time to cook. Once they have been long enough, they are boiled over high heat and without covering the pot.

The heat is then lowered. It is necessary to take into account the amount of water that is introduced so that they do not break, therefore the correct water will be put.

Once the bean is to the point we want it, it will be ready to prepare our delicious dishes.

Would you like to buy dry white beans online?

If you would like to buy dry white beans online, Gastronomic Spain is your perfect place.

Our dried beans are of great quality and at an exceptional price. You also have FREE shipping throughout Europe.

Consult Gastronomic Spain's extensive catalog of Spanish food and enjoy the best gastronomy from anywhere in Europe.

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500 gr.
Dry white bean.
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Dry White Beans Extra