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Ham Bones

500 gr
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Buy the reserva Serrano ham bone and prepare the ham broth for your dishes and stews

There is a very typical expression in Spain: The pig is eaten until the gait. The ham bone that we offer you comes from the pork knuckle. It is a very fleshy part of the Serrano ham. The best ham bone to prepare the cured ham broth.

If in addition to ham bone, you are looking for a Serrano ham shop, I advise you to see our range of hams and the wide variety of formats: whole hams, ham in ham and sliced hams.

Characteristics of the Serrano ham bone

Our Ham Bones are Serrano Ham bones. The bones are raw and chopped for ease of use. They also come with some chicha to give even more flavor to your dishes like traditional Spanish stews.

Our Serrano ham bone has approximately 500 grams, that is, it is a product with a lot of substance. In addition, it comes from the Denomination of Origin of Teruel itself, a benchmark in the world of Serrano ham and the first denomination in Spain.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the ham bone comes from the knuckle, a part of the cutting of the pig located between the two bones of the legs of the white pig itself.

Benefits of ham bone

There are numerous benefits that the ham bone can bring us, especially in the elaborations of some of the typical Spanish dishes since thanks to the ham bone we will enhance the flavor of our vegetable soup, a good Madrid stew, a concentrated broth of ham or even some delicious ham croquettes.

How to treat the ham knuckle for the preparation of dishes

Our knuckle of Serrano ham is already cut into pieces, therefore there is no problem in handling, it will be used directly in the dishes, both stewed and you can also freeze it for later use.

Why buy reserve serrano ham bone?

Ham knuckle is an excellent product of incredible quality. Give color to your dishes and surprise your friends with the delicacies that Spanish gastronomy offers us. No matter the distance, from any corner of Europe you can enjoy this 10 product at an unbeatable price. In addition, you have free shipping from orders over € 79.99 or € 89.99 depending on the country.

Don't forget, our ham bone comes from a reserve Serrano ham, typical of Teruel. Quality and Gastronomic Spain go hand in hand.

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500 gr. (approximate)

Ham bone


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500 gr
Pork Ham, Salt, Sugar, Preservatives (E-252, E-250, E-301)
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Ham Bones