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Ham Bones

600 gr
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Buy the reserva Serrano ham bone and prepare the ham broth for your dishes and stews.

There is a very typical expression in Spain: "del cerdo se come hasta los andares" (like "everything but the squeak"). The ham bone we offer comes from the pork knuckle. It is a very fleshy part of the Serrano ham. The best ham bone to prepare a cured ham broth.

If, apart from a ham bone, you are looking for a Serrano ham shop, 
I recommend you to see our offer of hams.

Our Ham Bones are Serrano Ham bones. The bones are raw and cut into pieces to make them easier to use. They also come with a little bit of meat to give even more flavour to your dishes.

Purchase our Ham Bones, an essential part of traditional Spanish cuisine, and enjoy your tasty homemade dishes.

600 g.

Ham bone


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Data sheet

600 gr
Pork Ham, Salt, Sugar, Preservatives (E-252, E-250, E-301)
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
600 gr

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Ham Bones