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Soft Cheese Albeniz

250 gr.
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Soft cheese Albeniz Wedge, 250 gr. mixed cheese

Our 250 gr. soft cheese Albeniz wedge is a mixed cheese, with pasteurized cow's milk (80% minimum) and pasteurized sheep's milk (5% minimum).

Soft cheese Albeniz has a homogeneous texture, ivory color and very mild flavor which is very characteristic of soft cheeses. Don’t miss this opportunity and shop online soft cheese Albeniz wedge with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

Soft cheese Albeniz qualities

Albéniz soft cheese has a very mild flavor, made with a mixture of pasteurized cow's milk (80% minimum) and pasteurized sheep's milk (5% minimum).

It comes wedge format of 250 gr. net weight and vacuum packed. Other outstanding characteristics are:

• It’s an ivory-colored pressed paste cheese.

• It has small and uneven grain, which gives it a perfect cut and sponginess.

• It’s smooth, creamy flavor and pleasant aroma.

• Cured for 15 days.

This soft cheese comes from quesos Albeniz, where the milk is carefully selected and the quality, the tradition and the knowledge of the cheese experts are combined. Quesos Albeniz belongs to Quesos La Vasco Navarra group.

Quesos Albeniz is based on the quality of their raw materials to offer the highest category, they have more than 40 years of cheese tradition and more than 350 milk suppliers. Undoubtedly, quesos Albéniz are 100% quality guaranteed.

Soft cheese Albeniz Ingredients:

Pasteurized cow's milk (min. 80%), pasteurized sheep's milk (min. 5%), salt, rennet, lactic ferments and preservative: E-252. Inedible rind. Preservatives in rind (E-202 and E-235). Country of milking: EU. Country of processing: Spain.

Soft cheese Albeniz elaboration process

Soft cheese Albeniz is characterized by having a shorter curing time compared to other Spanish cheeses, but the elaboration process follows the same procedure as the rest of Albéniz cheese available in Gastronomic Spain. And this process is the following:

1.On the farms: technicians and farmers work together to achieve the best quality of the milk extracted.

2.From the farm to the line: at the production centers, it is introduced into refrigerated tanks to maintain quality. In addition, it undergoes strict quality controls and, once suitable, is unloaded into the processing tanks. Each consignment is coded to ensure traceability throughout the chain.

3.Manufacturing: the product is passed to the corresponding temperature according to the programmed manufacturing process.

4. Pressing and salting: the product is then filled into molds and undergoes the salting process.

5.Drying and maturation: once the manufacturing process is finished, the product goes to drying and maturation chambers until the end of the estimated process.

6.Finally, it is packaged.

Soft cheese Albeniz conservation

It’s recommended to keep between 3º and 8ºC, but due to the quality of Albéniz cheese, it can be kept for up to 6 days at higher temperatures.

Once cut, protect with transparent plastic wrap to prevent the cheese from drying out.

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250 gr. net weight

Format: wedge

Vacuum packed

Queso Albeniz


Data sheet

250 gr.
Pasteurized cow's milk (min. 80%), pasteurized sheep's milk (min. 5%), salt, rennet, lactic ferments and preservative: E-252. Inedible bark. Bark preservatives (E-202 and E-235). Milking country: EU. Country of transformation: Spain.
Contains lactose
vacuum packed
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Soft Cheese Albeniz

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