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Organic Sheep Cheese with Thyme and Honey

200 gr
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Buy Organic Sheep’s Cheese with thyme and honey.

We introduce an organic cheese made with pasteurised sheep’s milk and aromatised with thyme and honey. For further qualifications, it has an organic certificate and is produced exclusively with milk obtained from the own cheese factory’s own livestock.

If you like unconventional cheeses, you will love this one. It comes in a 200-gr. wedge and vacuum-packed with a thick seal that helps to extend the life of this delicious product.

Fuentillezjos farm is known for making signature organic cheeses and thyme and honey Organic Sheep’s Cheese is proof of this. It is a cheese aromatised by the crust of thyme and organic honey in which the cheese has been wrapped. It has a pleasant taste that makes you want to keep eating it until it is finished.

Thyme and honey Bio Cheese ingredients.

The ingredients used to make this sheep’s cheese are: Manchego sheep’s pasteurised milk*, lactic ferments, calcium chloride, animal rennet and sea salt*, thyme and other local herbs and organic honey. (*) From organic farming.

A cheese that contains lactose. Gluten-free, so it is suitable for coeliacs. The rind is natural, so it is edible.

Thyme and honey Organic Semi-Cured Sheep’s Cheese characteristics

We present a cheese mad with Manchego Sheep’s pasteurised milk. It is a signature cheese, which is made only with milk from the factory’s own livestock. Herbs obtained from the farm and organic honey.

It comes in a 200-gr. wedge-cut, vacuum-packed format. It is made by the Finca Fuentillezjos cheese factory, located in the province of Ciudad Real and known for making organic sheep’s cheese of exceptional quality.

The Thyme and honey Organic Sheep’s Cheese has a rind covered with a paste of honey and thyme, and is white in colour with ivory tones. The wedge in obtained from cheeses that have a final weight of about 2,4 kg and have been aged for about 2 to 3 months, so it is considered a semi-cured cheese. It has a firm but soft texture.

It has a delicate and mild flavour, with the cheese’s flavours evolving in the mouth, marked by the contrast between the freshness of the thyme and the sweetness provided by the organic honey. By placing these “condiments” around the rind, the cheese absorbs just the right amount of savour to give it that personal touch.

When buying this cheese, you are not only buying an exceptional sheep’s cheese, but you are also buying a cheese that has been obtained from sustainable, ecological livestock and has lived on an extensive farm. A signature cheese that you will appreciate from the first bite.

Weight: 200-gr.

Brand: Finca Fuentillezjos



Data sheet

200 gr
Pasteurized sheep's milk from organic farming, lactic ferments, rennet and salt
In the crust, honey and a mixture of aromatic herbs
Craftsman Cheese

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