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Idiazabal Cheese Wedge

250 gr.
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Raw sheep's milk Idiazabal Cheese Wedge

The Idiazabal cheese from La Vasco Navarra is a top quality cheese with Designation of Origin. It is made of raw milk from Latxa and Carranza sheep, typical from Navarra. It is a natural matured sheep's cheese in a wedge of 250gr.

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Buying Idiazabal Cheese Wedge at a good price

If you were looking for a good quality Idiazabal cheese and you live outside Spain, Gastronomic Spain's online shop offers you the Idiazabal Cheese Wedge from La Vasco Navarra at a low price and with FREE shipping all over Europe.

The Idiazabal Cheese Wedge is one of the many Spanish cheeses that you can buy at Gastronomic Spain, in addition to the thousands of typical products from the Spanish cuisine such as ham or wine.

However, our Idiazabal Cheese Wedge is special. It is a wedge of 250 gr. and it is made of raw sheep's milk. It is from La Vasco Navarra brand and is characterised for being protected by the Protected Designation of Origin itself.

Idiazabal Cheese Wedge ingredients

Raw sheep's milk, rennet, lactic ferments and salt. Conservants: lysozyme (derived from egg) and KNO3 (potassium nitrate).

Inedible rind.

Sensory properties of the La Vasco Navarra Idiazabal Cheese

Our Idiazabal Cheese Wedge is a natural product of great prestige, in fact it has been declared a European Gastronomic Heritage.

The Regulatory Council establishes the following sensory properties in order to be considered Protected Designation of Origin Idiazabal Cheese:

Shape: homogeneous and well-proportioned, between 8 and 12 cm in height and 10-30 cm in diameter.

Rind: hard, smooth and unmarked. Pale yellow or whitish-grey in colour.

Colour: varying from ivory to straw yellow, with a narrow, slightly dark rim.

Eyes: irregularly shaped and absent. Size smaller than a grain of rice.

Smell: characteristic of raw sheep's milk, with a certain faint spiciness. Combination of acid and sweet. Texture: medium elasticity, firmness and granularity.

Taste: matured sheep's milk, with some natural rennet flavour. Absence of bitterness, variable sweetness and acidity, and medium salty intensity.

Aftertaste: persistent and conspicuous.

How to identify Idiazabal cheese with Protected Designation of Origin

The Designation of Origin aims to protect the work of the shepherds, as well as the work of the people who make the cheese so that there is a guarantee of quality.

Moreover, if you want to buy an Idiazabal cheese with Protected Designation of Origin and you want to make sure that it is so, you must take into account the following characteristics:

Holographic back label: numbered label that ensures its authenticity and non-forgery by different techniques.

Casein label: located on the rind of each piece and registered with a number that allows the traceability of the product.

Idiazabal logo: the Designation of Origin logo for the purpose of controlling the issue and authenticity of the same.

250 gr. net weight

Format: wedge

Vacuum sealed

La Vasco Navarra

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Data sheet

250 gr.
Raw sheep's milk, rennet, lactic ferments and salt. Preservatives: lysozyme (derived from eggs) and E-252.
Lysozyme (derived from eggs).
vacuum packed
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Idiazabal Cheese Wedge