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Gran Capitán Mild Cheese 250 gr.

250 gr.
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Buy Gran Capitán Semi-mature Wedge Cheese 250 gr:

Gran Capitán semi-mature cheese is an elaborated one in Spain, presented in a wedge format of 250 gr. Packaging in a vacuum. It is elaborated based on pasteurized milk from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat and is cured for 3 months.

Undoubtedly, it is an exceptional cheese to share between friends and relatives. It is one of the most typical ones of Spain and with FREE SHIPPING all over Europe. Buy your Gran Capitán semi-mature cheese of 250 gr and taste the authentic Spanish pleasure.

Gran Capitán Semi-mature Cheese: wedge of 250 gr:

Our wedge of 250 gr of Gran Capitán Semi-mature cheese is an excellent Spanish cheese elaborated with pasteurized milk from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat.

The brand Gran Capitán elaborates popular cheeses for decades among consumers of all ages.

Cheese curing

It has a curing of 3 months and its classic form of presentation is cut in laminated wedges and served on a board. The perfect presentation to captivate anyone!

Cheese elaboration

The semi-mature cheese of Gran Capitán is elaborated with a mixture of pasteurized milk in the following proportion: 71% cow milk, 7% sheep milk, 7% goat milk

Taste of Gran Capitán semi-mature cheese

The semi-mature cheese of Gran Capitán emits a pleasant aroma once it has been removed from the packaging, which increases as the wedge recovers all the oxygen it had lost in its packaging. It has a pleasant taste on the mouth with slight nuances, in which the contribution of goat and sheep milk can be identified.

Texture and appearance of the cheese

Both when cut and in the mouth the cheese has a soft texture, due to its short curing. It comes in a wedge format of 250gr. The wedge used to have a black or transparent rind. The rind of the cheese is not eaten, whether it comes in black or transparent color.

We have at your disposal other formats of Gran Capitán cheeses, in addition to other types of curing.

Ingredients of Gran Capitán Semi-mature Cheese Wedge 250 gr:

Pasteurized cow milk (71%), pasteurized sheep milk (7%) and pasteurized goat milk (7%), salt, stabilizing (calcium chloride), rennet and starter cultures. Preservatives in rind E-235 and E-202. Inedible rind. Origin of milk: Spain.

250 gr. net weight (approx)

Format: wedge

Packaging in a vacuum

Gran Capitán

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Data sheet

250 gr.
Pasteurized cow's MILK (71% min.), pasteurized goat's MILK (7% min.) and pasteurized sheep's MILK (7% min.), salt, stabilizer (calcium chloride), rennet and lactic ferments. preservatives in bark e-235 and e-202. inedible bark. origin of milk: Spain
Contains lactose
vacuum packed
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Gran Capitan

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