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Spicy Tijuana Sunflower Seeds

110 gr
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The Spicy Tijuana Sunflower Seeds, called Pipas, are one of the most popular Spanish pastimes. And it is because of their great taste and because they are perfect at any time of day.

Our Spicy Tijuana Sunflower Seeds are the whole grain inside the shell, toasted and flavoured with hot barbaque. They are of medium size and they have a rich taste. Our Spicy Tijuana Sunflower Seeds are natural, without artificial colourings or preservatives added.

Enjoy the Spicy Tijuana Sunflower Seeds in a thousand ways: at home, at the park, at the pub, with friends, with family, watching football, playing a board game... every moment is the right one.

110 gr.

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110 gr

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Spicy Tijuana Sunflower Seeds