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Iberian Black Pudding

250 gr
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Iberian black pudding, traditional and top quality

Our iberico black pudding, from Sierra Andújar (Andalusia), is a high quality product. With its Andalusian character, its typical flavour, its dark, almost black colour, the perfect airing and firmness, make it one of the best products from the south of the Peninsula.

This classic iberico black pudding is made with the best meat and blood of the iberico pig. With the addition of paprika, the black pudding takes on both the typical flavour and the characteristic colour. The artisan production process follows the tradition, creating a great Spanish product.

Enjoy the great taste and juiciness of our iberico black pudding, ideal as a snack or to complement a traditional dish. Always to the taste of the consumer. Visit the Gastronomic Spain online shop and enjoy the great variety of Spanish products that you can enjoy from anywhere in Europe. 

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250 gr
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250 gr

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Iberian Black Pudding