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Andalusian Bio Gazpacho

750 ml
In stock

Gazpacho, the ultimate cold apettizer

A cool gazpacho in the heat of the day!

Gazpacho in its classic version, with the same taste as always, natural and gluten-free. This popular and delicious cold soup is always a hit. Enjoy this cold tapa, an authentic Spanish appetizer that can be yours at the best price.

What is the Andalusian Bio Gazpacho?

The gazpacho is probably one of the most known dishes in the Spanish gastronomy. This is its classical version, 100% bio with its characteristic and tasty flavour that makes it so popular. But it has a different characteristic: it is an Andalusian Bio Gazpacho. That means that our Andalusian Bio Gazpacho is made with ingredients cultivated without chemical pesticides, synthetic or transgenic fertilisers.100% organic cultivation.

These ingredients are fresh and top quality vegetables like tomato, pepper or cucumber, among others.

It is important to mention that, in addition to being a bio gazpacho, the soup presents a dark orange colour and has the perfect thickness to drink it or to take it with a spoon. Its classic flavour, with the ideal touch of acidity, itss freshness and lightness make it the ideal dish.

The Bio Gazpacho is the perfect product to take in summer, as it is ideal as an appetiser or a starter. Moreover, it is healthy and perfect to refresh yourself.

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Andalusian Bio Gazpacho Ingredients

Tomato (48%), water, red pepper (20%), cucumber (16%), onion (8%), extra virgin olive oil (3%), wine vinegar (3%), garlic (1,5%), salt, stabilizer: xanthan gum.

*Biological production.

GLUTEN FREE product.

Does not contain allergens.

Andalusian Bio Gazpacho Recipe

The recipe of the Andalusian Bio Gazpacho that we have available in Gastronomic Spain is simple and is branded by the company Huerto de Sabor. You just need some vegetables of organic cultivation and then to crush them well.

● Firstly, you clean the tomatoes and all the vegetables: red pepper, cucumber and onion.

● Then, the tomatoes are cut, the cucumbers are peeled, as well as the onion and the green pepper.

● The garlic clove is peeled and it is left uncooked.

● We add in a container all the clean, cut and peeled vegetables with the tomatoes.

● Finally, all the ingredients are crushed with a spoonful of virgin extra olive oil, white wine vinegar and a pinch of salt.

● Once the gazpacho has the perfect texture, leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours to chill. In this way, you get a bio gazpacho of top quality like the one we have in Gastronomic Spain.

Buy Andalusian Bio Gazpacho Online directly from Spain

Enjoy our Andalusian Bio Gazpacho to refresh yourself on hot days. You can also add chopped vegetables to enhance the texture. As it is light, you can take it instead of a juice as an appetiser or a light supper.

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3 servings

750 ml.

Format: jar

Huerto de Sabor

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750 ml
tomato, water, red pepper, cucumber, olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic, salt, stabilizer: xanthan gum
contains sulfites
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Andalusian Bio Gazpacho