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Olive Oil Tortas Inés Rosales

180 gr.
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Olive Oil Tortas Inés Rosales, made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil (24%)

Olive Oil Tortas Inés Rosales are thin, puff, sweet and crunchy. 6 pieces made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil (24%). It is a 100% natural product, and it does not contain egg or lactose. Suitable for vegans.

Olive Oil Tortas Inés Rosales are the perfect combination of tradition and simplicity. They are sweet and salty at the same time; they are a typical, traditional product that preserves the simplicity that makes them a delicacy that you cannot miss.

Enjoy this typical Spanish snack/appetiser from any European city thanks to Gastronomic Spain, your online shop of Spanish food.

What are olive oil tortas Inés Rosales? 

This tradition is bringing into life with these olive oil tortas. The thin and flaky olive oil tortas Inés Rosales bring sweet memories to your mind, when you were travelling across Spain and eating some appetizers to discover the Spanish gastronomy. 

Our olive oil tortas Inés Rosales are a traditional product from Sevilla. They are elaborated like in the past, one by one to make a perfect final product: with a singular light texture, crunchy and flaky. Incredible! 

Olive Oil Tortas Characteristics 

Our olive oil tortas are made in an artisanal way, following the original recipe. They are elaborated one by one to make each olive oil torta unique and unforgettable. 

They are elaborated fully with high-quality 100% extra virgin oil, followed by a delicious taste to aniseed and sesame. They do not have any additives, preservatives, or food colourings. 

Each torta is about 13cm and with a few mm thickness, that is why they are baked very quickly. It is normal to find darker zones in some tortas because the torta is uniform although there are some parts thinner than others, but they have an unforgettable, crunchy taste with an aftertaste to aniseed. 

Talking about a baked product, it is perfect to consume at any time of the day. In fact, these crunchy tortas with a typical aniseed touch are very versatile. Yummy and they are an excellent product to pair with tapenade, creams, ice-cream, or more elaborate desserts. 

It is important to highlight that these olive oil tortas Inés Rosales have the TSG mention, that has as an objective to protect the different types of production and the traditional recipes. Moreover, it also has the V-Label, which is the vegan trademark recognised at international level. 

Olive Oil Tortas Inés Rosales Ingredients 

Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (24%), sugar, aniseed, sesame (0.6%), yeast, sea salt, natural aniseed scent. 

It contains wheat flour and sesame seeds. 

Product with no colourings or preservatives. 




Olive oil tortas recipe:

The olive oil tortas Inés Rosales recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. It all started in 1910, specifically in Castilleja de la Cuesta(a town near Seville) and to this day its remains faithful to the original.

The essence on the elaboration of this olive oil tortas is handcraft, that is why they are unique and with a European label that protects the composition that belongs and how they are made (TSG label).

Then, we are going to explain how the original recipe of the olive oil tortas is made: 

  1. Mix all the ingredients (mentioned before) and knead them.
  2. When the knead is finished, you should divide the dough into portions. 
  3. The shape is done manually through the team of Labradoras: This process is done like this:
  • Take the ball of dough in one hand and place it in the palm of the other. 
  • Give it a little tap with the outside edge of the opposite hand in the center of the ball and press lightly, making an extended movement. 
  • On the surface of a container of sugar, pat with your hand where the dough is spread out and like this way it will stay the surface of the torta covered by a layer of thin sugar. 
  • Then the torta is spread. In our case, on the ribbon with the palm facing up and separated from it a few centimetres, with the sugar layer facing up. 

This process characterizes the olive oil tortas with an excellent appearance, with a thin texture. 

About Inés Rosales

At Inés Rosales they have been specialized in the elaboration of traditional Andalusian bakery products for more than 100 years. They use artisanal methods and top-quality products. 

At Inés Rosales they combine: 

- Innovation and tradition: elaborating products that combine handicraft and innovative methods. 

- Healthy products: promoting healthier habits.

- Artisanal method: to maintain the authentic flavours.

180gr. net weight

6 units

Vacuum packed 

Ines Rosales


Data sheet

180 gr.
wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, aniseed, sesame, yeast, sea salt, natural aniseed essenz
contains gluten, sesame, can contain trails of nuts (almonds)
Ines Rosales

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Olive Oil Tortas Inés Rosales