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Low Salt Sunflower Seeds

100 gr
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Low salt sunflower seeds from Grefusa

Sunflower seeds are almost an institution. It’s because you can eat them at any time of the day and stand out for their great taste.

Our Low Salt Sunflower seeds are made with toasted sunflower seeds with a touch of salt. They have a medium-large size and have the same delightful flavor. Our Sunflower seeds are natural, with no preservatives or coloring added.

Enjoy Pipas in a thousand: at home, in the park, at the bar, with lunch, vermouth, as a snack or in between, with friends, with the family, watching soccer or playing a board game... it's always time for Pipas, and even better if they are low in salt!

Sunflower seeds ingredients:

The ingredients used to elaborate the seeds are:

Sunflower seeds (92%), salt. May contain: WHEATPeanuts, TREE NUTS, MILK, SOYBEAN.

Gluten-free product, suitable for coeliacs.

Low salt sunflower seeds qualities:

Pipas is a typical Spanish snack, because in general, in the rest of the countries, this food is usually consumed by birds and rodents. While in Spain it is a common snack at any time of the year.

We offer a quality sunflower seed with shell. It has long and thick dimensions. It’s a roasted seed and rested in a salt water that gives it that seasoned touch, but without having grains of salt in the shell. These sunflower seeds are made by Grefusa, they are packed in an airtight bag and weigh 100 gr.

These sunflower seeds are perfect for those consumers who like to eat pipas for a long time but don’t like having their lips irritated by the salt. They are still salty, but that salty flavor is only noticeable in the roasted sunflower seed, not on the lips.

Sunflower seeds are one of those products that are very difficult to find abroad. In Gastronomic Spain we offer a wide variety of pipas of different flavors and sizes that will bring you closer to Spain.

100 gr. Net weight

vacuum packed

brand: Grefusa


Data sheet

100 gr
sunflower seeds, salt
May contain: WHEAT, Peanuts, TREE NUTS, MILK, SOYBEAN
sealed plastic bag
taric code
net weight
100 gr

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Low Salt Sunflower Seeds