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Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced

80 gr.
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Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced

Our Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced comes from Guijuelo, in the region of Salamanca (Spain). It is a Salchichon Bellota (acorn-fed) with guaranteed quality and undeniable simplicity, straight to the plate. It is an ideal Spanish tapa to eat with friends. It is vacuum sealed, so we recommend opening the packaging 1 hour before consumption.

It is a type of Salchichon Salami made from 50% certified Iberian breed pork. Select meat since these pigs have been fed on acorns and have enjoyed the pastures of Andalucia, Extremadura and Salamanca.

What is Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced?

Our Iberian Salchichon Salami Slices is a type of Spanish cold meat highly sought after in Spain and rare in European supermarkets.

It is type of cold meat made from pork of at least 50% certified Iberian breed, meaning that it is of excellent quality. It is sliced and vacuum sealed with a net weight of approximately 80 gr. However, if you are looking for another type of Salchichon Salami, you can consult our catalogue of Salchichon Salami.

Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced characteristics

Iberico Salchichon Bellota is of the highest quality and with a more than perfect taste. The most outstanding characteristics of our Iberico Salchichon are:
• Meat from Iberian pigs 50% certified Iberian breed.

• These pigs live in semi-freedom in the different pastures of Andalucia, Extremadura and Salamanca and feed mainly on acorns from trees of the genus Quercus (holm oaks, oaks and cork oaks). Because of this characteristic, the Iberico Salchichon is also named ‘Salchichon Bellota’ (acorn).

• It is cured for between 2 and 4 months.

• It has the characteristic appearance of the Iberico Salchichon: a light and intense purplish red colour that constrasts with the dotted whitish areas

• It has an intense yet light aroma.

• It is a product suitable for coeliacs.

• Sliced and vacuum sealed.

• Net weight of 80 gr. approximately.

Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced from Nieto Martín: guaranteed quality

This Iberico Salchichon is from Nieto Martín, in Guijuelo (Salamanca). Nieto Martín was founded in 1912 and to this day offers the highest quality of traditional Iberian products with a natural curing process.

Elaboration Process of the Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced at Nieto Martín

Iberico Salchichon from Nieto Martín is made from selected cuts of Iberico Bellota pigs. The meat from these pigs is minced in the specified format and marinated with black pepper, nutmeg, a touch of Moriles wine and other seasonings such as salt.

Once the Salchichon Salami is marinated, it is stuffed into the corresponding casing and then transferred to the Nieto Martín cellars.

In these cellars, it is dried and matured for between 2 and 4 months to develop its taste and scent characteristic of the Iberico Salchichon Bellota.

Finally, it is sliced and vacuum sealed in order to be carried straight to the table.

Buy Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced, quality and simplicity hand in hand

This Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced is ideal for when you have an unexpected visitor or you do not have anything in the fridge. Good bread, Iberian ham and Iberian Salchichon Salami Sliced, and do not forget a glass of red wine!

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80 gr. net weight (approximately)

Format: sliced

Vacuum sealed

Nieto Martín

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Data sheet

80 gr.
acorn-fed Iberian pork, acorn-fed Iberian pork fat, salt, LACTOSE, dextrose, SOY PROTEIN, MILK PROTEIN, dextrin, spices, wine, stabilizer (E-451i), antioxidants (E-316 and E-331iii), preservatives (E-250 and E-252), aroma and coloring (E-120), natural pork casing
lactose, soy protein, milk protein
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
80 gr.
Nieto Martin

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