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Deer Salami Salchichon

190 gr
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Deer salchichón, with deer meat

Deer salchichón, like wild pig salchichón, differs from pig salchichón in the meat. In this case, deer salchichón combines deer and pig meat. This is because bushmeat is less fatty, so it is juicier and when it is added pig fat it acquires a more pleasant texture.

It is characterized by a pink colour and an intense scent. Moreover, it presents a soft and attractive flavour, different from any other salchichón.

It is low calories and cholesterol. It is recommended to be conserved at a cool and dry place, without direct exposure to sunlight.

What are you waiting for to make your palate fall in love? If this is not the salchichón you are looking for, we have a great offer of fuet, longaniza and salchichón. You can check our website to get more information.

aprox. 190 g. net weight

whole piece deer salchichon

vacuum packed

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Data sheet

190 gr
deer, lean pork meat and bacon, salt, sugars (lactose, dextrose, sugar), spices, dextrin, emulsifier (E-450i, E-451i), antioxidant (E-316), preservative (E-252), colouring (E-120), natural casing
contains lactose
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
190 gr

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Deer Salami Salchichon