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Fried Black Pudding

935 gr
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Buying Potted Fried Black Pudding, an authentic Spanish product

Potted Fried Black Pudding is a delicacy, very popular in Castilla La Mancha. The tender and tasty Black Pudding have onion and are fried and preserved in sunflower oil.

Our Potted Onion Fried Black Pudding is from the Polgri brand and is one of the most outstanding Spanish cold meat in our cuisine. Since they are preserved in oil, Potted Fried Black Pudding can be eaten directly or can also be heated for a few seconds.

Buying Potted Fried Black Pudding is possible thanks to Gastronomic Spain and their shipping all over Europe. Check conditions.

What are Potted Fried Black Pudding?

Potted Fried Black Pudding, from Cuenca, is very typical in the area of Castilla La Mancha. It is a very traditional product from Spanish cuisine since they are preserved in oil and can be eaten either hot or cold.

Our Potted Fried Black Pudding is onion black pudding, 6/7 pieces and from Polgri. They are one of the different types of Spanish black pudding varieties that exist and are available in the online shop of Gastronomic Spain for you to enjoy them being away from Spain.

This black pudding is made in the traditional way with the best ingredients. The tender Potted Fried Black Pudding is slowly fried and when it is cold, is covered in sunflower oil. This way, they keep all their taste and tenderness. They are a real delicacy.

The preservation in oil is an old technique to assure the conservation of meat products for a long time.

Onion Fried Black Pudding Ingredients

Black pudding (onion, bacon, pig’s blood, salt, natural spices, wheat and potato starch, soy protein, sugar, antioxidant E-325 and E-262 l) and sunflower oil.

How to use: eat cold or heated in the microwave.

Once opened, keep between 0º and 6ºC.

Fried Black Pudding Preparation

If you like black pudding but you are not keen on to eat them every day, hear is a simple and practical trick to keep your black pudding for much longer.

1. Put some oil in a frying pan and leave it to heat up.

2. Add the onion black pudding and fry them at a low heat.

3. Once the black pudding is fried, put them in a jar and add the pour the strained oil from the frying pan.

4. The black pudding should be covered in oil and if needed, add more.

5. This way, our black pudding is preserved for much longer and we can enjoy them whenever we want.

Potted Fried Black Pudding from Conservas Polgri

The Potted Fried Black Pudding available at Gastronomic Spain are from Conservas Polgri, a Spanish company pioneer in the traditional production of poultry and game dishes, as well as preserves in general.

Polgri is based on the tradition of Manchego cuisine, using the best natural and select ingredients, in accordace with the Mediterranean diet.

Enjoy the great traditional Polgri preserves dishes from the Spanish cuisine, especially from the Manchego cuisine thanks to Gastronomic Spain.

Buying Potted Fried Black Pudding at the best price and quality

Potted Fried Black Pudding can be enjoyed hot or cold and in a thousand different ways. Try them alone, in a sandwich, as part of a combined dish or use them as an ingredient for your homemade spoon dishes.

Enjoy the excellent Spanish cuisine thanks to the Gastronomic Spain online shop and its thousands of available products with free shipping all over Europe in orders over 79.99€ or 89.99€ depending on the destination area.

6-7 pieces

935 gr. net weight

350 gr. drained weight

Format: glass jar


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935 gr
onion, bacon and pork blood, salt, spices, starch, soy protein, pinions, sugar, antioxidants (E-325, E-262i), olive oil,
Contains soy and/or derivates, nuts (pinions)
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Fried Black Pudding