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Onion Black Pudding

300 gr
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The Onion Black Pudding are a delight. It is a very popular sausage in Castilla y León, Valencia and many other regions of Spain. That is why, currently, this Spanish onion sausage has spread throughout the Spanish territory. The tender and tasty onion sausages from Casa Toribio are oreadas, and as their name suggests, they are made with onion fried in lard and pig's blood.

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What are Onion Black Pudding?

Onion black pudding (morcilla de cebolla) is a very traditional and common type of Spanish sausage in Spanish homes. It is a type of blood sausage that is made in many regions of Spain, although it is very common on the Levantine coast and León, which is also called the Valencian blood sausage (Morcilla valenciana) and morcilla de León.

The ingredients used to make onion black pudding are very simple: pig's blood, fried onion, lard, pepper, cloves and salt.

The onion blood sausage from Casa Toribio is one of the most popular in Spain, but in the same way it is very difficult to buy onion blood sausage outside of Spain. Gastronomic Spain has an extensive catalog of different types of Spanish black pudding with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

Characteristics of onion sausages (morcilla de cebolla)

One of its main characteristics is that it is a black pudding. The aeration of the blood sausages helps the product to withstand the trip in its perfect conditions and stay in its optimal conditions. It has an expiration of 30 days from its vacuum packaging.

Our onion sausage has a soft, inelastic, cohesive and not very fibrous consistency and, in addition, it is presented in the shape of a cylinder, with a diameter of about 3,4-3,6 centimeters and a tie length of between 6-10 centimeters.

The onion black pudding has a darkened, almost black color. While when cut, this Spanish sausage stands out for the fried onion inside.

On the other hand, Casa Toribio's aired onion blood sausage is low in fat and certified with the Plan Cuidate + of the Ministry of Health for the reduction of salt and fat in traditional sausages. It is a 100% natural onion black pudding, without preservatives, dyes, gluten or lactose.

Ingredients of the onion black pudding

The ingredients to cook the onion black pudding are very simple, you only need:

Pork blood, fried onion, lard, pepper, cloves and salt.

How to cook black pudding with onion

To make or cook black pudding with onion it is important to have the ingredients (discussed above) clear for its preparation.

The steps of how to cook blood sausage with onion are as follows:

  1. First, the chopped onion is fried and fused in lard.
  2. Secondly, the pig's blood and the sauce, together with the previously fried onion, are stuffed into pork tripe, either natural or artificial. It is important that both the blood and the sauce are stuffed when they are hot.
  3. The blood sausage is then tied and blanched (boiled) at 90 ° C. It should be kept between 75º and 85ºC for about half an hour. This step is very important to prevent the blood sausage from souring or fermenting.
  4. It is important that the inside of the sausage reaches 75ºC. to make it semi-fluid.
  5. Finally, the onion black pudding is aired for a week so that it has a longer shelf life and maintains its optimal conditions.

Botifarres (morcilla valenciana) from Casa Toribio

Casa Toribio is a family business located in Xirivella, a town in Valencia. It is a company dedicated to the production of sausages with more than 100 years of experience.

The botifarres (spanish sausages) of Casa Toribio are characterized by the quality of the first and the tradition with which they are made. In fact, they have been repeatedly recognized for their quality and good work in the Valencian Community Handicraft Awards or to the company as the Mostra d'Aliments Tradicionals de Valencia.

The onion sausages that we offer from Casa Toribio and Gastronomic Spain are 100% natural without preservatives, colorants, gluten or lactose free.

Recipes with onion black pudding (morcilla de León)

There are endless dishes and recipes that we can use with our onion black pudding. Some of the recipes with onion blood sausage are:

  • Black pudding and apple empanadas. 
  • Baked rice with onion blood sausage.
  • Lentils with chorizo and blood sausage.

These are some of the suggestions proposed by Gastronomic Spain, but the black pudding with onion is a very versatile and delicious product to accompany thousands of dishes.

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300 gr. net weight (approximate)

equivalent to 6/7 units

vacuum packed

shipped in isothermal container with refrigeration

Casa Toribio


Data sheet

300 gr
Cooked and drained onion, blood and pork bacon, rice flour, salt and natural spices
Without preservatives, without colorants, without gluten and without lactose.

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Onion Black Pudding