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Iberian Longaniza Salami Extra



250 gr
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Iberian Longaniza, the little sister of Iberian chorizo

Extra Iberian longaniza is considered to be the “little sister” of Iberian chorizo. Do you know why? Because the elaboration process and seasoning are the same, but their size is different. Iberian longaniza is narrower and thinner than Iberian chorizo, so it has a shorter curing process.

Extra Iberian longaniza has a flavour and a texture that melts in your mouth. It comes from meats 100% selected among Iberian pork, which have been fed on natural products such as cereals, herbs and acorns.

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Among these products you will find the best Iberian longaniza, which will give your palate the perfect balance between texture and flavour.

Whole piece of Extra Iberian Longaniza. 250 g. net weight

Vacuum packed

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Data sheet

250 gr
lean pork iberian meat, bacon, salt, lactose, dextrose, milk protein, skimmed milk powder, dextrin, sugar, preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-331, E-301), coloring (E-120), spices, natural casing
contains lactose
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
250 gr

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Iberian Longaniza Salami Extra