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Chickpeas Stew from Madrid

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‘Cocido madrileño’ is a renowned stew. An excellent dish to consume during the coldest months of the year: it will offer a crucial energy boost, ideal to fend off the low temperatures. We recommend it if you like the traditional spoon dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

Try our Madrid’s chickpeas stew and you’ll be convinced by its delicious traditional flavour and well-bonded texture. Also, it comes homemade, and you will only need to heat it up and enjoy!

Spanish cuisine offers a vast range of stews and pottages, cooked with different legumes and cold meats. We offer a large selection of all the different spoon meals you might be looking for, so check them out here.

Characteristics of Madrilenian stew.

It is a ready-to-eat dish, so it only needs to be heated. It comes in a 425-gram RO-425 can and it is produced by the Polgri company, which has been making traditional cuisine and preserves of game meat for more than 50 years.

Known as “Madrid-style stew” has its roots in the city of Madrid, from which it gets its name. It is a filling dish with a lot of energy. Typically, it is presented in three parts. Noodles and soup, chickpeas and chorizo and bacon meat or white salty pork belly. They are all combined together when they are canned, which is also a typical manner to consume it. It is the perfect recipe for people who don’t have time to cook but yet want to eat elaborate cuisine with lots of flavour.

Visually, it is obvious that it is a stew of chickpeas because the bacon and chorizo are distinct in the light-coloured broth. It is a dish distinguished by its powerful flavour and the blend of textures, in which the meaty flavour and chickpeas texture stand out.

The best vegetables, beef, cold meats, and chickpeas are used to make this delicious traditional spoon dish. Its ingredients, prepared over a low heat, making it one among the culinary gems of Spain. Without additional colourings or preservatives, our “cocido” is 100% natural.

Ingredients of the Madrilenian stew:

Chickpeas, water, vegetable oil, chorizo, starch, fat, garlic, onion, salt, spices, and natural herbs are the ingredients used to prepare this dish.

Although it is a dish that originated in the capital of Spain, due to its popularity, its consumption and preparation have spread to all of the country’s regions. Additionally, it has become one of Spain’s culinary references and is highly demanded by tourists, along with other Spanish foods like ham, ‘chorizo’, paella, Spanish omelette, and ‘gazpacho’ (tomato soup).

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390 gr.

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390 gr
chickpeas, water, oil, chorizo, starch, bacon, garlic, onion, salt, natural spices and herbs
contains lactose, gluten
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Chickpeas Stew from Madrid