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Big Sardines in Olive Oil

120 gr

Tinned Sardines with Olive Oil

Sardines are a type of fish that comes from the Clupeidae family, a unique specie and very related with anchovies and herrings.

The tinned sardines with olive oil are one of the best foods to add to your diet. It is easy to eat, to serve and to enjoy. Tinned Sardines is a versatile element, as it can be used in a sandwich, in salads or in a toast.

Enjoy it however you prefer, but do it thanks to Gastronomic Spain!

Olive Oil Tinned Sardines

Our Olive Oil Tinned Sardines is a product of the highest quality. Tinned Sardines is one of the healthier canned fish that can be found in the market.

Thanks to the sardine’s high nutritional levels and the benefits of the olive oil, this product is a great omega 3, vitamins and minerals source. Plus belonging to the blue fish family, a certification that is not ruled by biological criteria, but for nutritional ones.

At Gastronomic Spain we offer olive oil tinned sardines in an individual format, ready-to-be-eaten. But we also have other formats, as well as other kinds of sardines such as the delicious and good quality tinned sardines with tomatoes sauce. More information here.

Tinned sardines of a medium-large size are canned in olive oil and are a great quality product. The perfect taste, slightly salty, make out of these sardines a small delight.

Our sardines are made the traditional way, taking extra care of the raw material. The sardines are boneless and canned in olive oil. The sardines are 100% natural without preservatives or colourants added.

Enjoy a small sea delicacy with our Olive Oil Sardines

This is one of our most famous fishes worldwide as it does not have additives, nor preservatives, nor colourants. The olive oil tinned sardines are 100% natural. The ingredients that conform this product are pilchardus sardine, olive oil and salt.

Instructions: open and serving.

*At Gastronomic Spain we recommend to keep the olive oil sardines in a fresh and dry place. Once open, keep in the fridge in a non-metallic container and eating in the next 24 hours.

120 gr. net weight

88 gr. drained weight

Olive oil tinned sardines

3-4 pieces


Data sheet

120 gr
sardines, olive oil, salt
contains fish
taric code
net weight

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Big Sardines in Olive Oil