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Paella Broth Aneto

1 liter
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Paella Broth Aneto made with just fresh fish and seafood

To achieve a well-made paella a good broth is needed, and thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can accomplish it from any part of Europe. Our Paella Broth Aneto is perfect. It is a 100% natural broth with stir-fry which includes fresh fish and seafood. Lactose-free, gluten-free and with no egg.

Prepare a nice paella with our special broth Aneto with stir-fry and taste the Spanish pleasure from any European country. With a marine touch!

Paella Broth Aneto, 100% natural and with stir-fry for your seafood paella

The Paella Broth Aneto is the ideal complement to make a perfect typical Spanish dish such as the seafood paella. It is an Aneto broth exclusively prepared with natural and fresh ingredients right to the pot.

It is an exclusive broth to make a fish paella, as it is made of seafood stir-fry, tomato and onion. Such an explosion of flavor!

The Paella Broth Aneto has to be preserved at room temperature in a fresh and dry place. Once opened, it can be in the fridge up to 4 days (+4ºC) or for a month in the freezer (-18ºC).

Aneto is one of the most prestigious and popular brands in the market. It is such a great reference in our kitchens for its broths’ flavor, result of how well-done things are done.

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Paella Broth Aneto ingredients

This Aneto broth for paella with stir-fry is only made with natural ingredients:

Fish broth (86%): water, anglerfish (12%), rockfish (6%) (conger, red scorpionfish, red band fish), cod, carrot, celery, fennel and sea salt.

Seafood stir-fry (14%): tomato, onion, olive oil, seafood (6%) (crab, mussels, shrimp and cockle), leek, garlic, pepper and saffron.

How to make Paella Broth Aneto (Caldo de Paella Aneto): 

1. Fry the ingredients you most want and set them aside.

2. Fry 250 gr. of rice for 2 minutes.

3. Add the broth with the stir-fry and boil altogether.

4. Keep it at high heat for 10 minutes, add the ingredients from the first step and keep it all for 10 minutes to medium heat.

5. Let it rest for 5 minutes and start enjoying it.

Buy Paella Broth Aneto online from any European city

If you are looking for a paella seafood broth, our paella broth Aneto is perfect for you. We have a wide range of broths available for all tastes and with different prices, but of the maximum quality.

Enjoy the real Spanish pleasure from any part of Europe thanks to Gastronomic Spain, your Spanish food online store with more than a thousand products at your disposal.

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1 liter

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Caldo Aneto

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1 liter
Fish Broth: water, monkfish, rock fish, cod, carrot, celery, fennel and sea salt. Seafood stir-fry: tomato, onion, olive oil, shellfish (crab, mussels, prawns and cockles), leek, garlic, paprika and saffron.
Gluten free, lactose free, egg free.
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Paella Broth Aneto