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Fideua Broth Aneto

1 liter
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Fideua Broth Aneto with 100% natural ingredients

The fideua broth Aneto we have at Gastronomic Spain is of first quality, with 100% natural ingredients, gluten-free, lactose-free and with no egg. It is an Aneto broth with seafood stir-fry perfect to make your Fideua from any part in Europe.

I’m sure you already miss Spain after reading about fideua, right? With Gastronomic Spain you can taste it at your own home, as you can enjoy our FREE shipping to Europe and more than a thousand products at your disposal.

Fideua Broth Aneto, special with fresh seafood stir-fry

What would it be of us with no good fideua on Saturdays or Sundays? If you are living in a foreign country, it might be difficult for you to find the right ingredients for its elaboration, but thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can easily find them at our online store.

To start cooking a good fideua, a good base is needed, and that is the Fideua broth Aneto with seafood stir-fry. The Aneto broth is special as it is elaborated only with fresh and 100% natural ingredients.

The fideua Aneto broth is not reduced, nor dehydrated, as well as it has no added additives or aroma. It is an exclusive broth, right from the pot. A broth apt for all the seafood taste lovers.

Fideua Broth Aneto ingredients

This Fideua broth Aneto with stir-fry is cooked with 100% natural ingredients:

Fish broth (86%): water, anglerfish (12%), rockfish (6%) (conger, red scorpionfish, red band fish), cod, carrot, celery, fennel and sea salt.

Seafood stir-fry (14%): tomato, onion, olive oil, seafood (5%) (crabs, mussels, shrimps, squid), leek, garlic, pepper and saffron.

How to prepare the Fideua Broth Aneto:

1. Fry the ingredients you will use and set them aside.

2. Fry 200 gr. of noodles for 2 minutes.

3. Add the Aneto broth with the stir-fry and boil altogether.

4. Keep it at medium heat until the noodles absorb the broth and then take it out.

5. Let it rest for 5 minutes and start enjoying it.

Buy Fideua Broth Aneto online and get ready to enjoy a nice Spanish dish from any place in Europe

If you wish to enjoy a good fideua, the first thing you need is a fideua broth Aneto like the one Gastronomic Spain offers you. We also have noodles and special cooking utensils for its elaboration.

Memories come to our minds when we taste such a traditional Spanish dish and we are outside the country. Thanks to the Gastronomic Spain online store you will be able to try more than a thousand gastronomic typical Spanish products out. With FREE shipping to Europe!

It’s time for you to feel like home again.

1 liter

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1 liter
Gluten free, lactose free, egg free.
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Fideua Broth Aneto