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Sheep and Goat Cheese

250 gr.
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Sheep and goat cheese at a low price and with FREE shipping throughout Europe

The mixed cheese, both from goat's milk and goat's milk, is an excellent soft cheese of 250 gr. with a cure of up to 20 days and a first quality flavor.

Our sheep and goat cheese is part of Quesos de la Huz, a prestigious Spanish cheese factory. Thanks to Gastronomic Spain and its FREE shipments throughout Europe you can enjoy this incredible sheep and goat cheese at a very affordable price.

Sheep and Goat cheese from La Huz: what it is and its characteristics

The sheep and goat cheese that we have is Gastronomic Spain is a type of soft cheese, made with pasteurized milk from both sheep and goat and with a curing period of up to 20 days.

Without a doubt, it is a very typical Spanish cheese of Spanish gastronomy that captivates any palate. Its fine and tender flavor identifies it as a traditional and indispensable cheese in our day to day.

In addition, sheep and goat cheese is part of Quesos de la Huz, a company located in Villamayor de Santiago (Cuenca) and specialized in the manufacture and distribution of Spanish cheese, including Manchego Cheese with Protected Designation of Origin.

Sheep and goat cheese ingredients

Sheep's milk (min. 70%), goat's milk (min. 10%), salt, calcium chloride, rennet and lactic ferments.

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250 gr. net weight

soft cheese

vacuum packed

Store between 2º and 8ºC. Remove from the fridge 15 minutes before serving and remove the rind.

Quesos de la Huz

Produced by De la Huz Grimaldos Industrias Lácteas, S.L. - Ctra. CM-200a, KM 0,645, 16415 Villamayor de Santiago (Cuenca).


Data sheet

250 gr.
Sheep's milk (min. 70%), goat's milk (min. 10%), salt, calcium chloride, rennet and lactic ferments.
Contains lactose and egg lysozyme.
vacuum packed
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net weight
0.25 kg.
La Huz

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Sheep and Goat Cheese