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García Baquero Mild Cheese, Wedge

250 gr
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Who does not like cheese? The García Baquero Mild cheese is a great cheese of renown in the Spanish gastronomy. Fine and tasty, this cheese is perfect to enjoy a great snack. It stands out for its sweet flavour with shades of roasted nuts and cinnamon.

Enjoy the García Baquero Mild cheese in wedge format from any part of Europe and surprise your beloved ones with this delicious Spanish product. Buy García Baquero cheese online with FREE shipping.

García Baquero Mild Cheese in wedge format: what is it and its characteristics

The García Baquero mild cheese wedge is a ripened sheep, cow and goat cheese. A high-quality mix and originally from Spain, as well as all our products.

This delicious, fine and soft García Baquero mild cheese comes in a 250-gr. wedge format (approximate). It is made from national milk and is perfect for the soft cheese taste lovers.

It is recommended to cut slices of approximately 5mm. or cut into 2cm. width cubes. Apart from that, it should be opened 20 minutes before its consumption and let it rest at room temperature for it to enhance all its aroma and flavor.

Sensory characteristics of the García Baquero Mild cheese (wedge):


It shows a beige paste and some irregular and brilliant curd grains, with the original size determined in the making process.


It presents a lactic aroma with shades of yogurt, and a slight touch of butter. It is a cheese with a deep and lingering aroma with a cinnamon and toasted milk aftertaste.


It stands out for its sweet taste with roasted nuts and cinnamon shades with dairy memorabilia. It offers creamy notes with primary aromas.


Of creamy paste, persistent in the mouth and with certain elasticity.

García Baquero Mild cheese wedge ingredients

Pasteurized sheep (min. 33%), cow (min. 32%) and goat (min. 20%) milk, lactic ferments (milk), salt, rennet and calcium chloride.


Recommended pairing with the García Baquero Mild Cheese (wedge)

For each type of cheese a different pairing is recommended, for this García Baquero Mild cheese there are some options:

  • Young Red Wines
  • Dry White Wines
  • Wheat Beers

Buy García Baquero Mild Cheese in wedge format online from any part of Europe

The García Baquero cheese is one of the greatest appetizers in Spain. Finding this kind of cheese in Europe is an impossible mission, that is why Gastronomic Spain can bring you all the Spanish delicacies.

Besides the García Baquero Mild cheese, we also have other formats of this popular and important brand at our online store. You can check it out here.

Enjoy the real Spanish cheese from anywhere in Europe. A huge variety of the Spanish gastronomy awaits you with FREE shipping to any European city.

250 gr. net weight (approx.)


García Baquero Mild Cheese

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250 gr
Pasteurized sheep's milk (min 33%), cow (min 32%) and goat (min 20%), lactic ferments (milk), salt, rennet and calcium chloride.
Contains colorant E-172 and preservatives E-235 and E-200
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García Baquero

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