Chilles in Vinegar

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How many?

It is getting spicy.

The Chillis in Vinegar are small, green and fresh chillis. The crunchy chillis are ideal because of their size, their great taste, as an appetizer or together with cheese or charcuterie.

300 gr.
130 gr. net

The Chillis in Vinegar, known as Piparras or Piparak, are small, fresh green chillis in vinegar. These pickled chillis are very popular in Spain and originally from the north of the country.

Our Chillis in Vinegar are made with the best ingredients: high quality green chillis and wine vinegar. The colour, the size and the great taste make these chillis exceptional.

Enjoy our Chillis in Vinegar as an appetizer or use them to spice up your stews and homemade dishes.

300 grs.
130 grs. net

  • Ingredients: chilli, wine vinegar, salt, acidifier (E-330), antioxidant (E-300)
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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