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Grelos Leafy Vegetables

410 gr


The Grelos Leafy Vegetables, with IGP*, are a typical vegetable from Galicia. The great taste and the intense green colour make this leafs a great product.

Our Grelos Leafy Vegetables are naturally preserved. They are collected, washed and canned manually to guarantee the optimum properties of the vegetables. The big, green leaves are 100% natural, without colourings or preservatives added.

Prepare traditional dishes like the Galician Stew with our Grelos Leafy Vegetables. Besides the leafes add taste and colour to any dish.

410 gr.
250 gr. drained

*IGP: protected geographical indication

Data sheet

410 gr
Grelos Leafy Vegetable, water, salt
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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Grelos Leafy Vegetables