Piquillo Peppers Extra

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Juicy red, the peppers contributes colour and taste to every dish.

The piquillo peppers, preserved in one piece, come from Navarra. This 100% natural product is elaborated by hand to maintain all the taste and properties. Prepare your own Spanish dishes with our high quality red peppers.

aprox. 12 - 16 units
Jar 250 gr.

Our piquillo peppers come from the region of Navarra. They are 100% natural, without preservatives and colouring added. 

The red piquillo peppers are an excellent foundation for a lot of Spanish dishes. The roasted peppers are peeled by hand to preserve the entire piece. A part of preserving the entire piece, the craft process ensures the preservation of the excellent taste and the properties of the peppers.

The high quality piquillo peppers are perfect to be stuffed with meat, seafood or vegetables. Get creative and design your personal filling.

aprox. 12 - 16 units
Jar 250 gr.

  • Ingredients: red piquillo peppers
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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