Tripe with Chorizo

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The Tripe with Chorizo is a tasty and traditional dish. The tripe is tender and the pig's feet, the chorizo and the black pudding add the special flavor. 

1 portion
380 gr.

The Tripe with Chorizo is a traditionally made delicacy. The tripe tender and they go perfectly with the meat, the sausages and the sauce. This dish is very popular in the Spanish gastronomy.

Our Tripe with Chorizo is made with the best meat. The beef tripe is well cooked and tender and harmonizes with the pig's feet, the chorizo and the black pudding.

Enjoy the Tripe with Chorizo as tapa or as main course. The great taste of the meat together with the sausages and the rich sauce is a delicacy you can't miss.

1 portion
380 gr.

  • Ingredients: beef tripe, pig’s feet, water, chorizo (pork jowls, beef, water, salt, cayenne (pimenton), potato starch, garlic, pork protein), black pudding (bacon, dehydrated onion, water, pork blood in powder, potato starch, cayenne (pimenton), salt), pork fat, corn starch, sweet cayenne (pimenton), spicy cayenne (pimenton), dehydrated onion, chili
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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