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Tripe with Chorizo



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Tripes with chorizo is a Spanish traditional dish, a casserole that is made with the intestines of the cow and the dewlap of the pork. It is a dish that is only made in Spain and it is hard to find abroad. The difficulty of elaboration makes it very common to buy it canned, already prepared, so that all you have to do is heat it up and eat it.

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Characteristics of tripes with chorizo:

The tripes with chorizo is a traditional dish from Madrid, although its consumption has spread to all of the peninsula. It is a dish made with the cow and other products of pork offal such as the dewlap, in which are stewed and seasoned with chorizo and paprika. It is a broth dish to eat with bread.

Our tripes with chorizo are made by Sacesa company, one of our main suppliers. It comes canned, in a tin and has a net weight of 380 gr. The dish is already prepared, just take it out of the can and heat it in the microwave or in a casserole dish.

It is an offal dish, which means that parts of the animal have been employed, in this case of the pork and cow, that come from their entrails or from less noble areas. It is a dish that does not go unnoticed, although many people are wary of eating it, there is a great tradition and true lovers of this gastronomic dish. It is a difficult dish to make and great care must be taken in its preparation, especially when it comes to cleaning the pork's guts. They are usually bought clean at the butcher's, but it is very important to give them a good go-over and make sure they are clean before cooking.

The complexity involved in the preparation of tripe with chorizo means that most consumers opt to buy it ready-made. It is a hearty dish, with a lot of flavor. It is a stew in which the chorizo takes on a certain prominence, and in which the slight taste of paprika predominates.

It is a dish to be eaten with a spoon, broth in which all the ingredients are already chopped. It has a pleasant smell of stew, with the gelatinous and soft texture of the cow's tripe and the pork jowls standing out. In the mouth it has a pleasant flavor and a white texture, with the aroma and flavor of the chorizo, black pudding and the sweet and spicy paprika with which it is made.

Although it is not made from the most noble parts of these animals, the tripes with chorizo are highly valued and coveted. A product that is impossible to find abroad, which comes in portion format and can be eaten anywhere.

Tripe is a hearty product, which provides a boost of energy due to the jowl and chorizo with which it is made. In general, it is a dish that is eaten more during the autumn and winter seasons, it helps to warm you up and gives you the necessary strength to face the day. It is made with a delicious sauce, which you will enjoy by spoonfuls of and dipping it in bread.

Ingredients of tripes with chorizo:

The ingredients used to make tripe with chorizo are: beef tripe (38%), water, pig's feet, chorizo (3%) (pork jowl, beef, water, salt, paprika, potato starch, garlic and pork protein), black pudding (3%) (pork bacon, dehydrated onion, water, blood powder, potato starch, salt and paprika), pork fat, corn starch, salt, sweet paprika, hot paprika, dehydrated onion and chili.

It is a product that does not contain allergens, in addition it is gluten-free.

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Tripe with Chorizo