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Iberian Fuet Salami

160 gr
In stock

Buy Iberian fuet online: quality and delicacy

We present you an elaborated fuet from Iberian pork meats. Unlike Italian salamis that we can find outside Spain, this fuet presents a softer texture and is characterized by a thin layer of edible mold. At Gastronomic Spain we offer different cold meats and Spanish salamis including Iberian spicy sausage and longanizas (long spicy pork sausages). If you like this type of cold meat, we also recommend that you taste our fuet Espetec.

Characteristics of Sánchez Montero’s Iberian fuet:

Sánchez Montero’s Iberian fuet (Tello group), comes with a whole piece and with a weight of 160 gr approximately. It is covered in a plastic bag that allows air circulation, which is essential for preserving the thin layer of mold that characterizes it.

According to the aspect that Iberian fuet gives, it has a length of 30 cm and others 2 cm of diameter, visually has a whitish color due to the thin layer of mold that covers it.

The texture of fuet is soft. Unlike other Iberian spicy sausages and cold meats, it can be easily folded. It is usually consumed cut in thin slices and it has a soft and pleasant taste on the mouth, which will be intensified if it is eaten with the skin.

Tello is a food reference group that stands out with representative brands such as La Pamplonica. A company that stands out for the quality of the elaborated products.

The Iberian fuet is one of the emblematic cold meats from Cataluña and Aragon. It is very popular because of its origin from the Iberian porks, in other words, because of its guaranteed quality.

Is the fuet’s skin eaten?

It is possibly the million-dollar question and a bigger debate could be created with “the omelet with onion or without.”

Yes, the fuet’s skin can be eaten, since it is elaborated from the natural pork’s intestines. In addition, unlike other cold meats, the skin is very thin, which is not going to produce indigestion. The determinant factor that can make that a consumer wants or not to eat the fuet’s skin is the thin layer of the white mold that surrounds it. There are no problems in consuming it, this mold is the one that is going to give the fuet a characteristic taste.

In the event of preferring eating without the skin, this can be very easy to remove.

Ingredients of Iberian fuet:

In this manner, it is elaborated from leans and fat of Iberian porks finely chopped and seasoned with selected spices. Its elaboration is careful, since this Iberian fuet is made with raw material, in other words, the chosen meat is 100 % from Iberian pork.

The ingredients of the Iberian fuet are: lean pork, fat, salt, maltodextrin, sugar, spices, stabilizers (E-452i), antioxidants (E-301), preservatives (E-250, E-326). Gluten-free.

Sánchez Montero (Tello group)

160 gr. net weight

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Data sheet

160 gr
lean pork bacon, salt, maltodextrin, sugar, spices, stabilizers (E-452i), antioxidants (E-301), preservatives (E-250, E-326)
It contains lactose and may contain mustard and soy.
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160 gr
vacuum packed
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Iberian Fuet Salami

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