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Panettone with chocolate

500 gr

Buy Online Panettone with chocolate

The origin of Panettone is disputed by various legends. We like to believe in the one that ensures that back in 1490 a young aristocrat fell in love with the daughter of a pastry chef in Milan and, in order to be close to her, he passed himself off as a pastry apprentice, inventing a sweet bread in passing with dome shape, based on fruits and aroma of lemon and orange.

This bread quickly became popular as the "bread of Toni", as the young man called himself, and over time he became Panettone, becoming an essential classic for Milanese Christmas.

Now we offer you this Panettone following the traditional formula so that you can enjoy this historic cake as a family, although we have allowed you the license to add chocolate chips as well.

500 gr.


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500 gr
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Panettone with chocolate