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Duck Confit

840 gr.
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The duck confit is a classic in the Spanish gastronomy. Our confitted duck is top quality and perfect to delight your guests, or even treat yourself to a glass of wine. If you like home-cooked dishes, we recommend you to buy the duck confit we offer at Gastronomic Spain.

Do you want to taste a delicious dish? The duck confit that Gastronomic Spain offers is a real spectacle for our palates. The confitted duck is a very traditional dish in Spain and now you can enjoy it from any point in Europe.

Thanks to Gastronomic Spain, you can enjoy this duck confit from anywhere in Europe, the same with other traditional dishes such as marinated chicken or pork cheeks.

In addition, on the online store of Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy a wide range of typical Spanish products, from Iberian ham to any top quality wine and matured in the best Spanish wineries. More than 1.500 Spanish products free-shipping to all Europe.

Characteristics of duck confit

We present a duck confit prepared by the family company Polegri, a company specialized in the preparation of the most traditional Spanish recipes. It is made from the best raw material. The confit comes canned, tinned, inside there are 4 - 5 medium sized duck legs that have been confitted by the duck's own fat and seasoned.

A delicious bite. The thighs come with the bone, the meat is cooked to the point that it separates easily from the bone. Visually, it has a light color, with the duck skin standing out. It has a soft, juicy texture, the meat falls apart. The sauce made from duck fat and meat juices, is ideal for basting.

Instructions for use: heat in a bain-marie or microwave. Microwave: pour the contents into a microwave-safe container and heat for 2/3 minutes.

Ingredients of duck confit:

The ingredients used to make the duck confit are: 4/5 duck legs, duck fat and salt.

No allergens. Gluten free.

Buy duck confit and delight your guests with this incredible perfect dish.

840 g. net weight

canned duck confit



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840 gr.
2 duck thighs, pate fat, salt, sodium citrate and preservative: sodium nitrite.
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net weight

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Duck Confit