Black Truffel Salami

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Let the aromas of the black truffle beguile your senses.

The Black Truffle Salami from Aragon is a gourmet product with a delicate and distinct taste. The Salami is whole piece, air dried and firm as well as juicy and tasty.

whole piece
approx. 220 gr. 
vacuum packed

The Salami from Aragon, known as Longnaiza from Aragon, is an exceptional product on its own, together with the black truffle it becomes a delicacy. Our Black Truffle Salami from Aragon comes from the region of Teruel and has an exquisite and fine taste of black truffle.

Our Black Truffle Salami is made with the best ingredients: selected pork meat from Teruel or the black truffle from Sarrion. The salami has a dark red colour with the typical white dots and black truffle dots and releases pleasant aromas of black truffle. The characteristic taste of the salami harmonizes perfectly with the taste of the black truffle. Our Black Truffle Salami is whole piece; it is air dried and firm at the same time as juicy.

Enjoy our Black Truffle Salami, an exceptional gourmet product. The Salami is a perfect snack and unfolds all its charm the simplest way together with some bread and extra virgin olive oil.

whole piece
approx. 220 gr. 
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: lean pork meat, bacon, salt, lactose, dextrose, milk protein, skimmed milk powder, dextrin, sugar, preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-331, E-301), coloring (E-120), spices, natural casing
  • Allergens: contains lactose

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