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Hot Pickles Skewers

330 gr
In Stock

Hot Pickles Skewers for the bravest

Hot Pickles Skewers are a timeless appetizer. It is a vinegar pickle combined with different ingredients, among them: onion, cucumber, olive, chilli and pepper. All this with the characteristic taste of vinegar and the spicy touch that makes it special.

Enjoy the tasty Skewers in vinegar with onion, gherkin, olive, pepper and chilli from anywhere in Europe. A classic and spicy Spanish appetizer at an unbeatable price. Only at Gastronomic Spain.

Hot Pickles Skewers: a traditional Spanish appetizer

Hot Pickles Skewers are a traditional Spanish appetizer that is a success everywhere. Their delicious taste, their spiciness and the high quality of the ingredients make them a must-try.

Our Hot Pickles Skewers are made with the best ingredients: onion, pickle, olive, pepper and chilli. They are bathed in vinegar, which gives them a characteristic and special taste. Its ingredients and traditional production make it a product of exceptional quality.

Its name is funny, banderilla (skewer) or "torera", this is because different pickles are put on a stick, one after the other (simulating a banderilla), hence its name.

At Gastronomic Spain we love skewers and we want you to have them anywhere in Europe. Sweet Skewers are also available in our online shop.

Hot Pickles Skewers Ingredients:

Onion, pickles, olive, chilli, pepper, water, vinegar, salt, antioxidant (E-300), preservatives (E-211).


Buying Hot Pickles Skewers Online at a cheap price

Rioverde Hot Pickles Skewers is a Spanish product that may not be found outside Spain. It can become the perfect appetizer or tapa for those moments of relax at home or unexpected visits. Buy La Fragua Hot Pickles Skewers at Gastronomic Spain, your Spanish food online shop with FREE shipping all over Europe.

Enjoy the traditional taste of our Hot Pickles Skewers in your vermouth and appetizers. With their spiciness and rich taste they will win you over.

Do not let others tell you about it when you can enjoy it yourself!

8 pieces

330 gr. net weight

Format: glass jar

La Fragua

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Data sheet

330 gr
onion, pickles, olives, chilli, pepper, water, vinegar, salt, antioxidant (E-300), preservative (E-211)
contains sulphites
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Hot Pickles Skewers