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La Boella Arbequina Olive Oil

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La Boella Arbequina Olive Oil

The La Boella Olive Oil that we have in Gastronomic Spain belongs to the Arbequina variety. This type of oil is characterized by its softness, its light flavor, with a fruity smell, a striking green color and a delicate and pleasant touch.

This variety is harvested between late October and early December.

La Boella Olive Oil

Our Arbequina olive oil belongs to the La Boella brand, a farm located over 250 ha. in Tarragona. It is located in a mild winter and warm summer climate, so it is ideal for the development of the olive tree.

Olive extraction process:

At the La Boella mill, the oil is extracted using only mechanical procedures: crushing, beating and separation.

  1. When the olives are clean, they are milled until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
  2. This paste is added to the mixer and kept at a temperature between 25º and 27º C. so that it maintains all its aromas.
  3. With the subsequent centrifugation, the flower oil is separated from the paste.

La Boella Arbequina Olive Oil Qualities 

- Balanced and complex profile, you can identify ripe fruitiness on the nose and palate.

- Great variety of vegetal aromas, especially apple and banana. 

- Hints of ripe fruits such as artichoke, almond, fennel and tomato.

- Retronasal notes of banana peel, kiwi and green apple.

- You can feel an almondy tendency.

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La Boella

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Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means.
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La Boella Arbequina Olive Oil