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Boneless Acorn Shoulder Guijuelo

2,9 kg
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Boneless Acorn Shoulder: special for easy cutting

If you love Iberico ham, you will love our boneless acorn shoulder. It is a gourmet Spanish product at an outrageous price and thanks to Gastronomic Spain's FREE shipping costs, you can enjoy it from anywhere in Europe.

The boneless acorn-fed shoulder comes from 50% Iberian pigs, has a minimum cure of X and is protected under the Guijuelo Designation of Origin. Without a doubt, it is a more than excellent product and easy to cut since it has no bone.

Boneless Acorn Shoulder: what it is and characteristics

The Boneless Acorn Shoulder is neither more nor less than an excellent shoulder from 50% Iberian pigs fed exclusively on acorns. Characteristics that give the boneless shoulder much more quality.

It is a top quality piece of ham and excellent for those who do not like to cut ham or that the bone of the ham resists them. With this boneless acorn shoulder you can make the easy cut with one of our professional ham knives.

Highlights of our boneless acorn shoulder:

1. The first characteristic and one of the most outstanding is that it comes boneless and vacuum packed. Therefore, cutting will be easy and uncomplicated.

2. Another feature to highlight is the origin of the palette. It is produced in Nieto Martín, an entity protected by the Guijuelo Denomination of Origin and in charge of caring for and supervising the breeding process of the pigs themselves, as well as their production.

3. Therefore, the acorn shoulder is part of the Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin, which guarantees its excellent quality.

4. It is an acorn shoulder since the pig from which it comes has lived in semi-freedom in the pastures of Andalusia, Extremadura and Salamanca.

5. It has a minimum cure of 24 months, even reaching 30 months. This process has been carried out in Nieto Martín's own wineries located in Guijuelo.

6. We recommend opening this Spanish product 1 hour before consuming it and storing it in a cloth cloth when you are not going to consume more.

At Gastronomic Spain we have shoulders and hams of different formats. In particular, the boneless acorn shoulder is also available as a sliced shoulder or a whole shoulder so you can choose to your liking.

Why buy a Boneless Acorn Shoulder Guijuelo Online?

Buying the boneless acorn shoulder is a very good option because:

  • It is easy to cut.
  • The price is excellent. Cheaper than the whole acorn shoulder.
  • It has indicated on the corresponding seal that it is a pallet with a Protected Designation of Origin.
  • Its quality is excellent and its flavor even more so.

Also available many other formats with FREE shipping to Europe

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2.9 kg. net weight (approx)

vacuum packed

format: boneless

Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin

Nieto Martin

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Data sheet

2,9 kg
Acorn shoulder, salt, preservatives E-252 and E-250
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
2.9 kg.
Nieto Martin

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