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Pasiega Milk Cake

450 gr
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Pasiega Milk Cake

The Pasiega Milk Cake is a typical dessert in the Valles Pasiegos of Cantabria. Its mild, balanced and sweet flavour characterises this great sweet made from curdled milk, butter and sugar. It is a dessert cooked in the oven and can be served both cool and hot.

The Pasiega Milk Cake from Cantabria is sweet, has a consistency similar to pudding and is perfect to be served with a cup of coffee. Do you want to taste it?

What is Pasiega Milk Cake?

The Pasiega Milk Cake is an inimitable dessert, perfect to be served with a cup of coffee and is a benchmark in the gastronomy of Cantabria.

The Pasiega Milk Cake is originally from the Valles Pasiegos of Cantabria, and, with the “sobaos”, are a benchmark of the regional baking of Cantabria. It is a traditional dessert, which is also tasty and balanced. It is amazing!

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Pasiega Milk Cake Characteristics

One of the curious facts about this Pasiega Milk Cake is that it does not have cheese, so it has a different flavour compared to other cheesecakes, although they bear a strong resemblance.

But its main characteristic is the quality of its raw materials, obtained from the Pasiega zone, like its elaboration, which continues the tradition and family legacy.

Pasiega Milk Cake Recipe

The Pasiega Milk Cake is artisanally made from curdled milk. With its gold surface and its mild consistency, similar to that of the pudding, it is an authentic delicacy. The cinnamon and lemon give it the perfect touch to its mild flavour and subtly sweetness.

Here you have the recipe of the Pasiega Mild Cake:

1. Beat 4 eggs with sugar and butter (previously melted).

2. Separately, mix the curd, the zest of half a lemon and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

3. Add it to the first mix and mix everything again, until you have an homogenous mix.

4. Add little by little flour while you mass.

5. Introduce the mix in the mould (the mass should not exceed 3 cm)..

6. Introduce it in the oven for half an hour (200ºC) until the surface is browned.

7. Finally, remove from the oven and enjoy this traditional Spanish dessert.

It is a simple and easy recipe that can be enjoyed as a breakfast, as a snack or a dessert. You can serve it either cool or hot.

Pasiega Milk Cake Ingredients

Milk, eggs, sugar, wheat flour, butter, preservative (E-200), lemon, cinnamon, salt and milk curd.

Contains gluten, eggs, butter and milk.

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Pasiega Milk Cake

Weight: 450 gr

Format: Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Can be stored at room temperature. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 10 days.

Brand: Joselín

Produced by: JOSELÍN Sobaos y Quesadas, S.L.

C/ Pola, 3 - SELAYA, 39696 Cantabria, Spain


Data sheet

450 gr
Milk, eggs, sugar, wheat flour, butter, preservative (E-200), lemon, cinnamon, salt and milk curd.
Contains gluten, eggs, butter and milk.

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Pasiega Milk Cake