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Pickled Red Partridge

650 gr
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Buying Pickled Red Partridge

The pickled red partridge is a ready-to-serve dish that can be eaten cold or warm. It is a typical dish especially popular in the inland areas. If you love the typical dishes from the Spanish gastronomy and you love those handmade ones that are slowly cooked, then we recommend you to buy the pickled red partridge.

The partridge is a very popular bird in the rural areas of Spain, places where the hunting game is practised, and one of the most common recipes to cook this bird is pickling it as it makes the product to last longer. This kind of dish is greatly appreciated and valued not only due to the difficulty that comes with making them but also due to how hard is to find the partridges.

At Gastronomic Spain you can find a great amount of traditional Spanish dishes, all of the perfect for those who don’t have the time to cook them but they still want to enjoy them. Also, you have the pickled red partridge and other dishes with free shipping to whole Europe.

Characteristics of the pickled red partridge

The pickled red partridge is a delicious ready-to-be-served dish. It comes in a glass jar of 720 ml of capacity. It is made by the brand La Fragua Deluxe, which is part of the Sacesa company which is known by their quality, taste and their interest in making the raw materials be the starts of their products. Products that they make following lifelong recipes.

The partridge is of big size, comes as a whole, bones included and it’s sided with some delicious slow cooked pickled onion. Visually it has a light brown colour with some reddish touches. The meat is firm yet it can be easily separated from the bones, its flavour is smooth as it is the pickle, as it holds the juices in which the bird has been cooked, and it looks like a sauce that is to die for.

Ingredients of the pickled red partridge

Our pickled red partridge is prepared in the traditional way and is a 100% natural, without colouring nor preservers added. The ingredients that are used to make this dish are: red partridge (1 piece), onion, garlic, sunflower oil, olive oil, vinegar, salt and spices.

Its gluten free

Enjoy this tasty, amazing and very special dish of pickled red partridge

1 whole red partridge

650 grs., 350 grs drained

Glass jar

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Data sheet

650 gr
1 red partrige, onion, garlic, vegetable oil, olive oil, vinegar, spices, salt
Contains sulphites
glass jar
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Pickled Red Partridge