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Vela Iberian Salchichon Salami

220 gr
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Vela Iberian salchichón comes from 100% Iberian pigs. This is, its meat is of very high quality, as well as the rest of our products. It is an extra delicious salchichón, the typical snack you can’t stop eating.

Buy Vela Iberian Salchichon Salami

The Vela Iberian salchichón salami is a sausage characterized by the quality of its meat and its peculiar ‘candle’ shape. It is a small sausage, as the whole piece weighs approximately 190gr.

If you love Spanish sausages, we recommend you buy our Vela Iberian salchichon salami. It has a mild, spicy, and pleasant taste in the palate, it is very difficult to find it outside Spain and it is totally different from the typical Italian salami that is so widespread in the center of Europe.

Vela Iberian salchichon salami characteristics

This sausage is made in Guijuelo, Salamanca, by the company Nieto Martín, which for generations has been producing various select sausages and Iberian hams. It is stuffed into inedible casings, so you cannot eat the skin and it must be peeled off. The skin is easy to remove from the sausage.

This piece of sausage is medium mature, dark red, brownish greyish in colour and it has a firm but soft texture on the outside and inside. It is eaten as it is, in thin slices, and it can be accompanied by bread, oil, cheese or a little tomato. It is air-dried and firm but without losing its juiciness and it has an incredible flavour with a slightly touch of pepper. Our Vela Iberian salchichon salami is made with the best meat from the Iberian pig.

Vela Iberian salami ingredients.

The ingredients of our sausage in candle format are: Iberian fattened pork, Iberian pork bacon, salt, dextrin, lactose, milk protein, soy protein, dextrose, spices, wine, antioxidants (E-316 and E-331 iii) stabilizer (E-451 i), preservatives (E-250 and E-252), flavouring and colouring (E-120). Inedible casing.
Contains lactose. GLUTEN FREE.

Salchichón ibérico vela, 50% iberian race

There are countless ways of making Iberico cured meats, one of the most popular is the ‘vela’ format (or as mentioned before the candle shape). This is due to the fact that you buy a whole piece, but of a very small size, which facilitates the ready-to-eat. It is a ‘portion’ format, as it can be consumed without difficulty at a dinner between several people. This type of sausage comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs, which have been fed on natural pasture.

But remember if you are interested in other types of sausages or salchichon, fuet or longaniza sausage, you can find them at this link our website.

Whole piece of Vela Iberian salchichon salami

Approximately 190grs.

vacuum packed

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Data sheet

220 gr
Iberian pork, lactose, sacarose, salt, dextrine, spices, milk protein, flavour enhancer (E-621), emulsifier (E-450i, E-451i), aroma, antioxidant (E-316), preservative (E-252, E-250), colouring (E-120), water
Contains lactose
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vacuum packed
net weight
220 gr
Nieto Martin

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Vela Iberian Salchichon Salami