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Piece of Iberico Ham



500 gr
In Stock

The piece of Iberico ham is above all a practical product, since it allows you to cut it in a quick and comfortable way, with the advantage that you don’t have to buy a whole ham leg

To obtain the piece of Iberian ham, first we peal it, then we debone it and finally we vacuum-pack it. It is a Spanish product that takes advantage of everything. It has no losses.

Once opened, it is ideal to keep the piece of Iberico ham in a cloth in the fridge. To cut the piece, you should use a wooden board as a base and a chive knife.

The piece of Iberian ham comes from porks of 50% Iberian breed. More and more people buy the piece of Iberian ham, as they save space in the kitchen and they don’t have to worry about the Iberian ham being dried. If you are thinking about buying Iberico ham or if you are looking for the best cheap Iberian ham on the market, buy this piece of Iberian ham. You’re going to be thrilled.

I you are one of those who shouts: “Ham! Ham!” when lunch time comes, congratulations! We have every kind of hams to survive outside Spain. Gastronomic Spain is the only Iberico ham shop with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

*The price is indicated per piece (the weight way vary).

Approx. 500 g.

Piece of Iberian ham

Vacuum packed

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500 gr
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.
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vacuum packed
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500 gr

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Piece of Iberico Ham