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Piece Iberian Cebo Ham 1 kg.

1 kg
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Your Piece Iberian Cebo Ham, boneless and perfect for cooking

Our piece Iberian cebo ham is a wonderful product to enjoy with family or friends. Thanks to the fact that it is completely boneless, this Iberian cebo ham will be very easy to slice. So, now you may surprise your friends with this incredible tasty and delicious cebo ham.

This ham in piece is made from the meat of the Iberian pig. Its quality is excellent because of how much great care is taken in its preparation. It is cured for around 24 months. Don’t wait any longer and taste the Spanish pleasure from anywhere in Europe.

Piece Iberian Cebo Ham: what is it and what are its characteristics?

The piece Iberian cebo ham that we have in Gastronomic Spain is an amazing product for those people who want to enjoy it with family or friends. It is very easy to cut since it is completely boneless, so all you need is a good ham knife to start slicing. 

Our Iberian ham piece comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs, bred in captivity. It is cured for a minimum of 24 months and it is the leanest piece of the cebo ham leg itself. 

This ham is produced in Eresma and has been recognized as Best Iberian Cebo Ham of Segovia during 2017 and 2018. It also has the Tierra de Sabor seal: excellent food which is produced, elaborated and processed in the Community of Castilla y León and that complies with the requirements and conditions demanded by the Regulations for the Use of the Tierra de Sabor Guarantee Mark.

More than a ham, it’s easy and simple to slice!

How to use Piece Iberian Cebo Ham

Since it is a boneless and polished ham piece, it can be used for a variety of purposes. If you are a ham lover, you might slice it to your liking and pair it with Manchego cheese or a glass of wine.

In addition to enjoying an excellent ham, with this incredible one-kilo (approximately) piece, you can prepare dishes such as cocido madrileño or the typical stew, and therefore, you can give your dishes a touch of flavour that will not disappoint anyone. 

Buy Piece Iberian Cebo Ham Online and enjoy Spanish food all over Europe

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Don’t wait any longer and savour the Spanish pleasure with the dishes and products that saw you grow up. Enjoy any typical Spanish product thanks to Gastronomic Spain’s online store.

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Piece Iberian Cebo Ham 1 kg.